Multiple Intelligence Camp Offers a Wealth of Insightful Activities

Event in southern Philippines connects children from 90 Adventist schools in the region.

Roxie Joy Pido, Southwestern Philippine Union Conference, and Adventist Review
Multiple Intelligence Camp Offers a Wealth of Insightful Activities
Students, mostly from 5th and 6th grades across 90 Adventist elementary schools in the southern Philippines, actively participated in the camp. [Photo: Southwestern Philippine Union Conference]

The much-anticipated Multiple Intelligence Camp in the southern Philippines opened at Mountain View College in Valencia City, Bukidnon, on February 11. More than 4,800 student attendees, mostly from 5th and 6th grade classes across 90 Adventist elementary schools in the Southwestern Philippines Union Conference of the Adventist Church, participated in the camp.

The February 11-17 event offered a week-long experience for students, faculty, and staff. This event delivered a distinctive blend of educational enrichment and spiritual nourishment to its attendees through activities that zeroed in on wholistic development. Under the theme, “I Learn, I Grow, I Shine — I am God’s Design,” the Multiple Intelligence Camp unfolded as a wholistic experience, organizers noted, seamlessly integrating education, spirituality, and community.

During registration, each camper received a Bible as a gift for their morning and evening devotional sessions. Driven by faith and fundraising efforts spearheaded by the Education Department of the Southwestern Philippines Union Conference, a total of 3,111 Bibles were distributed. Generous contributions poured in from various organizations and generous individuals, with a notable donation from the workers of the Adventist Medical Center in Valencia City for the purchase of the Bibles, materials, and overall operation.

At the same time, organizers reported, leaders awarded 40 brand-new printers and two laptops as prizes to selected recipients during the closing ceremony. “As the event unfolded, it transitioned into a festive and majestic celebration, captivating campers and guests alike with a presentation by mission and conference school representatives,” organizers reported.

To ensure a diverse and enriching learning experience, students were offered a wide array of camps tailored to their interests. “These camps spanned various subjects such as music, Bible study, sports, science, math, journalism, digital and traditional arts, stage arts, speech arts, research, aqua splash, and health science,” organizers said. A total of 13 different track camps were available for delegates to choose from.

Catering to the diverse array of campers present, the camp was well-supported by a substantial number of facilitators from various institutions, including Mountain View College and Academy, South Philippine Adventist College, and Adventist Medical Center College. Rigorous control over the delegate count, totaling 4,836, ensured the event’s objectives were effectively met, organizers said. “There were 1,427 teachers, principals, and parents supporting a total of 298 dedicated instructors,” they shared. Ensuring the safety of all attendees was a top priority for the organizers. To this end, the Adventist Rescue Operators Network team was diligently stationed as the designated standby rescue unit for the duration of the camp.

Southwestern Philippines Union education director Alevir Pido provided insights on the inception of the Multiple Intelligence Camp. She explained that the planning process started in 2022 with education directors from the former South Philippine Union Conference and finally came to fruition in late 2023 with the collaboration of two church regions.

“The time and effort invested in this project are all worth it as we see our youth immersed holistically in various aspects of our being to equip themselves and ready them to become people of faith and leaders in the future,” she said. Associate education director Romy Lamputi also welcomed teachers and principals to the event and assured them that all activities were carefully planned to provide enjoyment and enrichment for each participant and camper.

The camp concluded and received positive responses from parents and families. “We hope that the event is repeated next year,” they said, “to create opportunities for students to learn, grow, and shine for Jesus.”

This article is based on the story posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division news site.

Roxie Joy Pido, Southwestern Philippine Union Conference, and Adventist Review