December 3, 2015

Male Beards and Hairy Female Legs Raise $12,000 for Cancer

A collection of unshaven male faces and hairy female legs has raised more than $12,000 for the Loma Linda University Cancer Center.

Seventh-day Adventist Church-owned Loma Linda University Health teamed up with the San Bernardino Police Department to hold the fundraiser during “No Shave Movember,” a monthlong initiative in which participants across the United States lay aside their razors in November to raise awareness about cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Loma Linda University Health president Richard Hart was the first to brave the shave at an event held at the California-based university to celebrate the conclusion of Movember this week.

“While he allowed his beard to grow through the month, it had been at least 15 years since he’d been clean-shaven,” Loma Linda University Health said Wednesday in an e-mailed statement.

Three local barbers were on hand at the event, offering free shaves to those who wished to do away with their monthlong growth of facial hair. Female participants had to shave their own legs elsewhere.

A four-person panel judged the more than 150 men and women who let their beards grow and legs go unshaven, and the winners were recognized with a plaque.

The five winners from the San Bernardino Police Department included Sergeant Vicky Cervantes for “Hairiest Legs” and Officer Clint Walton for “Ugliest Beard.” Five winners were also chosen from Loma Linda University Health.

Kerry Heinrich, chief executive of the Loma Linda University Medical Center and the winner for “Whitest Beard,” expressed his appreciation to all those who had participated.

“We cannot thank members of law enforcement enough for their dedication to serving this community,” he said. “The commitment of the San Bernardino Police Department through this first-ever partnership is very special to us.”

The partnership was formed after several of police officers expressed an interest in participating in Movember.

“It was important that our participation in a nationwide movement have meaning and purpose,” police chief Jarrod Burguan said. “Loma Linda was an obvious partner as the premier medical center in the region.”

The four judges were Vicky Ramirez, breast cancer survivor; Cancer Center director Mark Reeves; San Bernardino Mayor Carey Davis; and San Bernardino council member Benito J. Barrios.