February 7, 2014

​Let the Little Children Come to Me

Union ADRA director

If you ask
anyone what special days come in December, many people would answer that it’s
New Year’s celebration and Christmas. For a majority of people, especially
children, it is a time of dreaming and expecting a miracle. And probably there
is no child that would not wait for a present of these days. For many ADRA has
brought miracles to orphanages, shelters, low income families, rehabilitation
centers, and correctional schools.

This year, ADRA-supported Christmas programs took place in many regions of Russia and
in Armenia. The total number of kids who attended the programs was more than

It was so
nice to see smiling children at “Royka” sanatorium located not far from Nizhny
Novgorod. These smiles were especially dear to us, because these children do
not have much to be happy about. They they have a terrible disease –

Russia3In a far
away Khakasiya and Tyva republics Christmas program fulfilled dreams of 200
children from needy families. Youth from Abakan Adventist church prepared a performance
and wonderful presents for the children. Small children actively participated
in the program and sang along with the youth. A puppet show about the birth of
Jesus Christ touched many hearts. Savior’s birth children and adults sincerely
empathized all the events.

For children
from Zaoksky village, Tula, and Tula region orphanages, Christmas meetings have
become a longstanding tradition thanks to the students and staff of Zaoksky
Theological Seminary. This year some 2,500 children from nearby villages and
towns attended the program at Zaoksky Adventist University.

In the
Republic of Karelia 200 disabled children and kids from needy families took
part in the program.

Christmas program in Armenia was not only special for 200 kids attending: it
also marked the first service project for newly-appointed ADRA director
Alexander Slesarchiuk.

programs have become a big blessing for all the participants, providing an
opportunity to tell children and their parents about the Savior. Whether
involving Simple or more elaborate presentations, above alla these programs
were filled with love and sincerity.