August 6, 2014

​Korean Hospital Prioritizes Medical Ministry

Eden Adventist
Hospital in South Korea, held its first “Eden New Start Camp” from June 12 to
17, 2014. The camp was specifically intended for people whom local churches and
local mission counsels wanted to reach. They wanted camp participants to
recover not only their physical health, but their spiritual health as well.

edenhospitalMore than 40 people
came to this first camp. “I was interested in vegetarian dishes,” said one of
the camp participants. “One day, by chance, I saw a church that was having a
vegetarian food-tasting event. I went into the church, and that was the first
step toward this camp. Today I am going to be baptized by the Holy Spirit.” In
addition to her, 10 other participants were reborn through baptism on Sabbath,
the last day of the camp.

Recently, Eden
Adventist Hospital launched several health programs, including New Start Camp,
Doctor Detox Camp, and Lifestyle Reformation Movement. All the programs were
planned for the purpose of evangelism. “It is feasible for local churches to
send many souls to our programs who are interested in healthcare or need to
restore their health,” said hospital President Park Chong Ki. “The hospital and
local churches have to create a circle of soul-winning.”

“The identity of our
hospital lies in medical evangelism,” said EAH vice president Jung Chang Keunl.
The hospital put seven people in the chaplaincy department, devoting their best
efforts to evangelism within the hospital. As a result, the hospital has held a
baptismal ceremony almost every week.

The chaplaincy
department conducts various in-house mission programs, such as devotionals,
prayer meeting, counseling, and Bible studies for newcomers. They closely
monitor newly baptized members and help them settle in a local church after
they are discharged from the hospital.

hospital has become affiliated with local churches, encouraging church members
to regularly volunteer and donate their talents at the hospital.