Kids for Jesus Season 2 Resulted in More than 1,100 Baptisms

Initiative in southern Philippines helps children develop spiritual skills, leaders say.

Roxie Pido, Southwestern Philippine Union Conference, and Adventist Review
Kids for Jesus Season 2 Resulted in More than 1,100 Baptisms
More than 1,100 newly baptized members received their own Bibles as Kids for Jesus Season 2 closed with a baptismal ceremony on April 20. [Photo: Southwestern Philippine Union Conference]

Spreading the gospel is a mandate not only for adults — it’s a mission embraced by children too. This is what the Education departments in the two Seventh-day Adventist Church unions in the southern Philippines, the Southwestern Philippine Union Conference (SwPUC) and the Southeastern Philippine Union Mission (SePUM), have prioritized, recognizing the importance of engaging the next generation from a young age.

The evangelistic meeting Kids for Jesus Season 2, held April 14-20, brought together 106 elementary schools from the two Adventist entities in the southern Philippines. Among them, 64 schools represented the SwPUC, while the SePUM contributed 42 schools to the meeting. The effort drew a strong response and resulted in more than 1,100 baptisms. Indeed, 1,153 students, parents, and other participants gave their lives to Jesus and were baptized because of this initiative.

The program included a week-long blend of on-campus evangelism and public outreach efforts, culminating in the baptism of hundreds who were moved by the powerful messages shared. Each night, speakers from nursery to grade 6 took the stage to deliver inspiring sermons, captivating their audience and igniting a passion for faith.

Parents lauded the program for transforming their children and families. They were amazed to witness how children can develop preaching, hosting, singing, and other skills. Displaying a notable transformation, children become more prayerful and embrace religious songs with newfound zeal when they develop these gifts.

The influence of the students extended beyond the school gates, drawing their parents closer to spiritual enlightenment. Other guest parents expressed their gratitude for the school’s rare opportunity to empower children to speak and share their faith during the testimony hour at Golden Boulevard Adventist Elementary School. Many parents, moved by their children’s testimonies, expressed their commitment to Adventist education, recognizing it as a unique environment where spiritual growth flourishes.

Bienvenido Mergal, education director in the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, which oversees Adventist education in the Philippines, received encouraging updates on the collaborative efforts of schools, children, and parents toward the endeavor’s success. “Adventist education shines in its commitment to nurturing not only intellectual but also spiritual growth in our children,” Mergal said. “We deeply value our children’s contributions, which provide them with a deeper understanding of God’s mission from a young age,” he emphasized.

One parent and her daughter started their journey toward baptism last year. To make Adventist education more accessible, they decided to relocate closer to the school. The impact of Kids for Jesus Season 2, which not only touched the lives of the students but also the parents and the entire community, influenced this decision.

The students’ excitement was palpable, as they showed unwavering eagerness to participate in the program night after night. Their dedication, coupled with the support of their families and educators, exemplifies the spirit of Kids for Jesus and the enduring legacy of Adventist education. The culmination of the program included special coverage of the simultaneous baptism services on April 20 via Hope Channel South Philippines.

Last year when Kids for Jesus launched, it welcomed 1,089 new members to the Adventist Church. The initiative anticipates future opportunities to train and equip students to understand the Bible and share its truths.

The echoes of Kids for Jesus Season 2 reverberate throughout the area, acting as a source of encouragement and hope and igniting a flame of faith in everyone it touches.

This version of the news story is based on the post by the Southern Asia-Pacific Division. The original article was posted on the Southwestern Philippine Union Conference news site.

Roxie Pido, Southwestern Philippine Union Conference, and Adventist Review