March 24, 2021

In the U.S., Adventists Mourn and Pray After ‘Senseless Act of Violence’

Rocky Mountain Conference News

The Rocky Mountain Conference based in Colorado, United States, is mourning with the community of Boulder after a senseless act of violence claimed the lives of 10 individuals, including a law enforcement officer, on March 22, 2021.

We mourn for the families whose mother, father, partner, grandparent, or child had their life snuffed out due to evil that played out in what is supposed to be a safe public space—a grocery store. We mourn for the workers who will ever be traumatized by what they witnessed. Finally, we mourn for the shooter’s family members as their lives have ever been changed by the devilish act of one individual.

Responding to the tragic events of March 22, Geoff Patterson, senior pastor of Boulder Adventist Church, addressed the faith community of Boulder by email. “Our hearts and prayers go out, first, for the families that tonight are bereaved, next for our law enforcement community that has lost one of its own, and also for all of our friends and neighbors who have been shaken by this tragic event.”

The Boulder church is responding by providing support with members available to listen and pray with those in need. “If anyone needs specific prayers, our prayer line is available on our website. You may call and leave a voicemail or send us a direct text. Our prayer team is standing by. In addition, our pastors are available to talk if you wish for them to contact you,” Patterson added.

Adventist Community Services is mobilizing and awaiting instructions from the state of Colorado on what assistance they can provide the community.

“We have had too many of such tragedies in our communities,” Ed Barnett, president of Rocky Mountain Conference, said. “Will this ever end? We long for the day when violence will cease to exist and when there will be no more tears, pain, and death.”

Patterson prayed, “Lord, there is sickness in this world, and this time it has struck in our town. Grant us strength in this difficult hour. Amen.”

The original version of this release was posted by the Rocky Mountain Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.