In the South Pacific, New Videos Provide Clarity around COVID-19 Vaccination

Vaccines, science, and faith and the Adventist viewpoint are among topics discussed.

In the South Pacific, New Videos Provide Clarity around COVID-19 Vaccination

The Health Ministries department of the South Pacific Division (SPD) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has developed a series of videos in response to queries about COVID-19 vaccination.

The “Understanding COVID-19” series, which features medical and theological perspectives, is designed to support members in making an informed choice about vaccination and counter vaccine misinformation.

Key topics include “COVID-19 Overview and the Adventist Viewpoint”; “Vaccines, Science, and Faith”; “COVID-19 Vaccines and Side Effects”; and “Microchips, Magnets, and Mobile Phones.” Additional topics will be added in the coming weeks.

SPD president Glenn Townend is among the presenters, along with Adventist medical professionals and experts Alvin Ing, David Pennington, John Irama, Silent Tovosia, George Manimu, and Geraldine Przybylko. The videos are available in English and Tok Pisin. They will also be available in Solomon Islands Pidgin and Fijian later in September.

“The Seventh-day Adventist Church has a long tradition of promoting healthy living through good nutrition, physical activity, fresh air, temperance, water, sunshine, abstinence from alcohol and smoking, and trusting in God,” SPD Health Ministries strategy leader Geraldine Przybylko said. “These principles are more important than ever during COVID-19 to strengthen our immune system. At this critical time, we wish to support government initiatives aimed at preserving life and restoring our communities to good health.”

Townend encouraged members to view the videos. “These videos provided by the SPD Health team apply Adventist biblical and health heritage,” he said. “I recommend that they be seriously considered and shared widely.”

His call comes amid increasing pandemic numbers in some countries across the region. A special day of prayer and fasting was held in French Polynesia on September 5 in response to the region’s worsening COVID-19 situation. French Polynesia has been hit hard by the Delta variant of the virus, with 538 deaths to date, including 20 Seventh-day Adventists.

September’s special day of prayer and fasting was an initiative of the French Polynesian government. Adventists throughout the South Pacific were encouraged to join their brothers and sisters in French Polynesia to participate in that special day.

New Zealand Pacific Union Conference president Eddie Tupa’i asked members to remember those who have lost loved ones.

“Please pray for our grieving families,” Tupa’i said.

The SPD-produced videos can be viewed in the Health Ministries COVID-19 page, which is also home to other relevant resources, including information on strengthening immunity, the SPD Statement on Immunization, and the General Conference Adventist Health Ministries article “COVID-19 Vaccines: Addressing Concerns, Offering Counsel.”

The original version of this story was posted by Adventist Record.