February 22, 2023

In Thailand, Adventists Gear Up for Nationwide Evangelism

Nightly meetings will take place in more than 30 locations across the country.

Edward Rodriguez, Southern Asia-Pacific Division

As the world continues to grow, so does its population, reaching a historic milestone of eight billion in November 2022. It is something that serves as a challenge to the global church in its goal of reaching out to the world and proclaiming Jesus’ imminent return. 

Acknowledging this challenge, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Thailand is launching a countrywide evangelistic series to offer hope and healing in a culturally varied region, leaders said. Beginning on March 1, 2023, the “Christ for Thailand” series will assemble big and small audiences in auditoriums, churches, and small groups. Daily meetings will take place in more than 30 locations across the country and will close on March 11.

“There are 38 locations arranged for the March evangelistic series across Thailand,” Thailand Mission executive secretary Cris Tawmanggood said. “There are three locations in Bangkok and other locations in the central region,” he reported.

The project is a cooperative initiative between the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD), the Southeastern Asia Union Mission, and the Thailand Mission. Arnel Gabin, who serves as SSD vice president and IEL coordinator, mentioned the preparations church members and leaders are making for the series, which, he said, seeks to reach people, and especially families, across Thailand.

“It is a great challenge, but we will do it together, believing that the Lord will guide us in preaching the gospel of hope in this unique region,” he said.

Thailand is a country with a population of around 70 million. Baptized Seventh-day Adventists total just 15,000. Despite the difficulties, the Adventist Church in Thailand remains tenacious in its efforts to gradually share the gospel, leaders said.

“This is Thailand’s first. To proclaim the gospel in this region is a big step,” Niratisai Aipan, president of Thailand Mission, said. “Difficulties are huge, but our God is much bigger than any difficulty this world can throw at us.”

Aipan delved into the chosen theme. “Across the various venues, messages will revolve around finding hope in a generation beset by issues and challenges,” he said.

Hundreds of people are expected to attend the series, which will involve church leaders, lay people, and church members — men and women, young and old — to work together to reach more people than ever before.

The original version of this story was posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division news site.