In Indonesia, ADRA Initiatives Are Inspiring Farmers, Volunteers

Agency seeks people’s increasing empowerment through better farming and education.

ADRA Indonesia, and Adventist Review
In Indonesia, ADRA Initiatives Are Inspiring Farmers, Volunteers
Dhea Dara is working to uplift and empower people through education in her hometown. [Photo: ADRA Indonesia]

Across Indonesia, several initiatives by the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) are improving the lives of people groups such as farmers. Some of those initiatives are also inspiring the very ADRA Indonesia volunteers who participate in the projects. Here are two examples.

A Farm Field School

Andi Katarina is one of the participants in the farmers field school for corn cultivation in the Omu village in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. She is a shining example of dedication and perseverance. She wholeheartedly embraced the seven-session field school program, absorbing valuable insights from ADRA and applying them diligently to her own land.

Throughout her journey in the field school, Andi learned invaluable lessons that transformed her farming practices. She adopted the art of cultivating corn with precision, using balanced fertilization techniques that not only improved crop quality but also saved her valuable resources. Furthermore, she acquired the knowledge to identify and combat pest infestations and diseases, ensuring the health and vitality of her crops.

“In the beginning, our harvest was meager, around 500 kilograms [1,100 pounds]. However, after participating in ADRA’s program and implementing the newfound knowledge on our farm, we have achieved a bountiful harvest of 1.7 tons [3,750 pounds]. We are immensely grateful to ADRA for equipping us with the skills we needed to thrive as farmers.”

With the increased income from her flourishing farm, she seized the opportunity to start a small shop in her house. “I am very happy now,” Andi said.

Empowerment through Education

Dhea Dara, a passionate young woman from East Sumba Regency, Indonesia, felt a deep calling to uplift education in her hometown. With a heart dedicated to making a difference, she embarked on the Bukuku Bukumu Project, a volunteer-based initiative. The project’s name encapsulates the vision of sharing books with children in Sumba and remote areas, ensuring that these books become a part of their own personal libraries.

Having previously worked as a teacher in Sumba, Dhea witnessed the challenges faced by students during the pandemic. With limited access to education and technology, she realized that she could make a difference by providing books to those in need.

The team of volunteers utilized the power of social media to spread the word about the project. The response was overwhelming. The book donations exceeded expectations, with a remarkable total of 1,024 books collected and distributed. Initially intending to send books to a single location, the team members surpassed their goal and reached eight different locations, including two kindergartens, a high school, an orphanage, and four public libraries.

“Those of you who are doing good to the people around you, keep doing it, because simple acts by you can make a huge impact for them,” Dhea said.

She extended gratitude to all who entrusted ADRA to deliver their books to the children of Sumba. Through their collective efforts and the inspiring dedication of volunteers like Dhea, countless young minds have been enriched and empowered with the gift of education.

The original versions of Andi’s story and Dhea’s story were posted on the ADRA Indonesia news site.

ADRA Indonesia, and Adventist Review