In Fiji, Trans Pacific Union Mission Ministers Are ‘Set Apart’ for Service

More than 350 pastors and staff from the Pacific Islands met for mission convention.

John Tausere and Juliana Muniz, Adventist Record
In Fiji, Trans Pacific Union Mission Ministers Are ‘Set Apart’ for Service
Participants of the Set Apart Missional Convention 2024 participate in a session of prayer. [Photo: Adventist Record]

More than 350 pastors and staff from across the Trans Pacific Union Mission (TPUM) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church gathered at Fulton Adventist University College in Nadi, Fiji, for the Set Apart Missional Convention 2024 from February 12 to 17.

Organized by the TPUM Ministerial Association and stewardship department, the convention drew people from various regions in the Pacific, including Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, American Samoa, Niue, Nauru, Tuvalu, Kiribati, and Vanuatu, with the biggest delegation of 110 coming from Solomon Islands.

The event was the first TPUM missional convention after the Ministerial Association, which organizes a Bible conference every five years, teamed up with the stewardship department to include the “I Will Go” initiative in the program.

According to the organizers, the theme Set Apart highlighted the attendees’ responsibility as spiritual guides and acknowledged that every aspect of their lives is a gift from God. “The goal is to dedicate ourselves to various areas of our lives, aligning with the ‘I Will Go’ mission to prioritize God in everything,” they said.

The convention featured speakers from the General Conference (GC), including GC stewardship director Marcos Bomfim, who led the morning devotions. GC vice president Artur Stele took the evening and Saturday (Sabbath) worship service, while GC associate health ministries director Katia Reinert conducted daily plenary sessions.

Each presenter shared insights focusing on themes of consecration, leadership, and health within the context of their ministry and professional experiences. The event also featured workshops that were primarily run by ministry and strategy team leaders from the South Pacific Division.

While attending the convention, Luteru Luteru Jr., from Samoa, said that for him it was a week of learning. “I have learned so much this past week from powerful speakers, and I’m blessed that I can take this back to my mission and my local church back in Samoa. God continues to open the window of opportunities for us, and we only need to put our total Trust in Him,” Luteru said.

Michael Qiokata, from Fiji, agreed, and added what impressed him the most. “I’m privileged to know that God has set me apart to partner with Him in this Great Commission, sharing the living hope, transforming the Pacific and preparing people for His soon return,” Qiokata said.

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John Tausere and Juliana Muniz, Adventist Record