May 7, 2014

​IAD to Launch Online Youth Campaign From French Guiana

By Libna

The Inter-America Division Youth Ministries
Department will launch its annual online youth campaign from Cayenne, French
Guiana, this coming week. The online event, themed Win With Jesus, will be
streamed live May 7-10 from the Salem Adventist Church in Cayenne and hundreds
of the youth from around the French Antilles territory will attend the program.

Image by Abel Marquez/IAD“We are happy to have this online opportunity to
continue motivating our young people in French Guiana and across the
Inter-American Division territory to pursue Jesus and make the right choices in
this race to the Kingdom,” said Benjamin Carballo, IAD youth ministries

The event is the first territory-wide online
youth campaign held in the French territory, says Carballo and one that
promises to ignite the nearly two million youth across the region to continue
to pray, study the Bible, and share God’s love every day in their communities.

The speaker during the four-day online segment
will be Louise Nocandy, IAD associate youth ministries director.

The online programs will be translated into
English and Spanish and will include question and answer segments, musical
performances, testimonies and more, and will be carried live on

May 7- 9 at 7:00pm to 8:00pm Eastern Time;
Sabbath, May 10 at 10:00a.m. Eastern Time