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Hope Channel International Announces Vice President for Global Media and Engagement

Chanmin Chung arrives in the position after decades of cross-cultural service in media.

Hope Channel International
Hope Channel International Announces Vice President for Global Media and Engagement
Chanmin Chung, new Hope Channel vice president for global media and engagement. [Photo: Hope Channel International]

Hope Channel International (HCI) announces the appointment of Chanmin Chung as the new vice president for global media and engagement. This strategic move underscores HCI’s commitment to enhancing its global network and providing strategic and missional leadership across the world.

With more than two decades of dedicated service in media and gospel communication, Chung brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record of leading cross-cultural teams to advance the gospel message. In 2022, Chung joined HCI as the senior director of television distribution, where he played a significant role in expanding the reach of HCI’s evangelistic efforts.

Born into a Buddhist family in South Korea, Chung’s journey to faith and his subsequent 12-year mission service in the Middle East and North Africa region have equipped him with a unique perspective on evangelism and media outreach. Before joining HCI, Chung held various roles including field secretary, media ministries director, production manager, and producer, employing a wide range of media strategies, all with a missional mindset.

Gideon Mutero, HCI vice president for finance, expressed his enthusiasm for Chung’s appointment. “Chanmin brings vast experience from the mission field in the Middle East and North Africa region, where he was instrumental in sharing the message of eternal hope to millions of people in that territory.”

Chung’s academic background, including an M.A. in Islamic Studies and a doctorate in Global Leadership, further enriches his understanding of the interplay between media, culture, and religion in today’s digital age.

In his new role, Chung is set to lead the charge in leveraging technology tools and resources to reach HCI’s goal of touching one billion lives with the message of eternal hope by 2030.

Reflecting on his new appointment, Chung shared his vision and commitment. “In taking on the role of vice president for global media and engagement, I approach this responsibility with a deep sense of humility and purpose.”

He added, “Understanding the essence of our missional vision, I am motivated to enhance our global network by fostering an outward-oriented ethos, culture of innovation, and collaboration. This involves not only embracing the diversity within our team but also reaching out to unreached people groups with content that resonates and uplifts.”

Vyacheslav Demyan, president of HCI, commended Chung’s dedication and leadership. “Chanmin is a strategic, visionary leader who is passionate about God’s mission. His cross-cultural experience and education in missiology are invaluable as HCI aims to reach ‘every nation, tribe, language, and people.’ I pray God will bless his dear wife, Sukyoung, and his two boys, JunYong and JunSu, as they support Chanmin in his new responsibility.”

Chung said he is honored to take on this role, understanding it is a collaborative mission. “I look forward to working with our dedicated team, our network affiliates, church leaders, and our partners to make these visions a reality. Together, we can continue to share the message of eternal hope with the world,” he said.

HCI invites its supporters and viewers to extend their prayerful support to Chanmin Chung and his family as they embark on this mission to reach the unreached, harnessing innovative tools to touch hearts across the globe.

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