May 13, 2014

​Heroes Camp in Cornwall, England


can be found everywhere, and for one special weekend, more than 100 of them
were to be found on a campsite in Cornwall. The May bank holiday camp on Chapel
Porth Adventist Campsite is a highlight of Ilona Jackson's annual calendar. She
fills a caravan with children, parents, and even grandparents.

go to the camp as a family and greatly enjoy the worships with their refreshing
modern style. This year the worship talks were meaningful and applicable to our
everyday lives‒even our 10- and 14-year-old boys enjoyed them! We learned that
we all have a hero inside of us somewhere and that God can always use us and we
can rely on Him totally."

was our theme as Sam Gungaloo, intern pastor at Stevenage and Potters Bar,
shared stories of Bible heroes and how conflict changed their story from a good
one into an epic one. "The worships always leave you feeling empowered in
some way and that has to be a good thing!" Ilona added.

Jo Vicary
first found faith and Christian friends through the LIVE St Austell project,
and though she has now moved to North East England, she is glad she travelled
back down for camp: "From this I now have a personal relationship with God
who has done some amazing things in my life. There is an amazing feeling of
oneness with God during times of worship through music, singing, talks and
prayer. The talks were really inspiring and related to me in different ways,
making me realize I can be the hero in my own life story."

our story was the underlying message being shared through the various talks,
video clips, and even the great acts for the Saturday and Sunday night
concerts. Daughters of Davis shared their story of giving up their jobs and
selling what they had to follow their Christian dream.

Hanna told us of her struggles and the songs she created out of those conflicts
of self-esteem and self-worth.

concerts were great," says Jenny Hall from Plymouth. "I especially
liked Daughters of Davis, they have such a great sound and Philippa Hanna was
fantastic because she presents her passion for Christ in every song she writes
and performs!"

fantastic musical moments on the camp included Jader Feijo whose amazing voice
and inspiring lyrics climaxed many of the worship talks. Arianne Haran shared
her unique and creative song writing, and the Grenaways, a local Christian folk
band, inspired 30 extra visitors to visit the camp on the Saturday night. They
finished up the night playing their song 'Brother' around the campfire. It was beautiful to see
everyone come together worshipping, sharing, laughing, and encouraging each

It was the
atmosphere, including the music, that was important to Louis, a musician in his
own right: "I went to camp because I believe in the ethos of LIVE, and I
think it's important to support the local community with live music events and
friends in ministry." Louis, while not an Adventist, is very much 'part of
the family'. He says, "I see the camp as a great way to meet other
like-minded people who don't need to drink or completely be out of their heads
to enjoy really good music… It's a positive event in the community."

that is why so many come and fill the site to capacity, not just from Devon and
Cornwall, but Somerset, London, Newbold, Wales, and beyond. Camp leader Steven
Hulbert said, "If I could sum up the feeling of what camp was like I think
freedom would be the word. This was a Seventh-day Adventist-run camp but not
everyone who came was Adventist, and not all were Christian, but the freedom
all experienced there allowed everyone to have an openness and an honesty that
is often hard to find."

agrees. "It's a great environment to bring friends and family that don't
believe in God because it doesn't force anything on them, it gently introduces
them to the idea of God and hopefully it will lead to a greater interest in the

That freedom
is equally important for Edit Liebhardt. She confesses that the LIVE St Austell
& Area 1 Camp is one of the highlights of her year. "I look forward to
spending time with some of my best friends in a way I can't spend time with my
secular friends. You get time to catch up, build even stronger friendships,
find new friends, spend time with God, hear new music, enjoy the view, and so
much more that no wonder the weekend goes so, so, so fast. I'd recommend this
camp to anyone. In fact I try to bring someone new every year and every year
they love it too."

Will the
camp make a difference? It will for Jo. "I found great motivation to reach
out further to achieve what I would like, knowing God will be beside me giving
me the strength, support and guidance I need."

timer Tamsin Martin will definitely be back next year. "From the start, I
appreciated the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The food was delicious and
given with a generous spirit and of course the music was fabulous. I will come
again because I want Amelie [my daughter] to build relationships and form a
positive body of experience in the church. I would definitely recommend this to
friends, even non-believers because I am confident that they would receive a
warm welcome."

More photo
memories from the camp can be found on the Adventist Church photo gallery.