February 10, 2016

Adventist Health Security Director Saves Baby’s Life

, Pacific Union Recorder

A retired U.S. police officer says he experienced the power of the Holy Spirit when he revived an 8-month-old baby boy after a car accident in California.

Mike Spicer, security director for Adventist Health’s Central Valley Network, which operates a group of clinics in a rural part of central California, was driving home to Hanford when he noticed a man with a baby walking up to the shoulder of Highway 198, a four-lane highway.

He then noticed an overturned vehicle off to the side in the bushes.

Mike Spicer, security director for Adventist Health’s Central Valley Network. (Record)

Spicer pulled over and began assessing the situation and asking questions, using life-saving techniques he learned while in the U.S. Coast Guard before joining the California Highway Patrol.

The baby’s mother and two siblings had sustained scratches and bruises.

The man handed him the still baby.

Spicer placed the baby in his truck and started light compressions on his chest, all the while praying silently and listening to a sermon on the radio about men who are filled with the Holy Spirit.

“I thought to myself that this baby is dead, but I kept on with the compressions and prayers,” Spicer said.

He could hear the baby’s mother in the background, weeping: “Don’t tell me my baby’s dead. Please, don’t.”

Then Spicer saw the baby open his eyes, moan, and start to cry.

“I was like, ‘Wow! That was a miracle!’” Spicer said.

He picked up his phone with the baby still in his arms and called emergency services for help.

The baby suffered no complications from the accident, and his mother and two siblings sustained only scratches and bruises.

Spicer recalled helping resuscitate a man during a stint in the U.S. Marine Corps, but said this experience had touched his heart in a special way because he felt that God had placed him in the right place at the right time to save the baby’s life.

Spicer joined Adventist Health six months before the accident and said he was enjoying the devotions and prayers that start every staff meeting. He also had been reading about the Holy Spirit on his own.

“The Holy Spirit is here,” he said as he reflected on the accident. “If you call upon Him, He will help.”