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General Conference President Reacts to Latest Earthquake in Haiti

Reports indicate several Adventist churches have been destroyed, Ted N. C. Wilson writes.

General Conference President Reacts to Latest Earthquake in Haiti

Today I was so sad to hear the heartbreaking news that the people of Haiti have experienced yet another tragedy — this time in the form of a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the country this morning [August 14, 2021] at 8:29 a.m. What a tragedy on top of all that Haiti has already had to endure! It is difficult to imagine the suffering and pain these dear people are going through as their world has been, quite literally, violently shaken! 

The latest reports of the earthquake’s devastation indicate more than 1,300 people killed, more than 5,700 injured, with an untold number missing and feared dead. Many homes and buildings have collapsed, trapping people under the rubble. 

According to initial reports, at least four or five Seventh-day Adventist churches have been destroyed, with many more suffering damage from the quake. Countless people, including church members, have lost their homes and are without resources. 

To our dear brothers and sisters in Haiti, please know that your church family around the world is praying for you! In addition, help is being organized through the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA), the Adventist hospital in Haiti, as well as through the Inter-American Division, other world divisions, and the General Conference. General Conference executive officers have already met to see how we can work with the Inter-American Division in providing some immediate assistance for the many needs in this crisis. We love, care, and are praying for you!

My friends, we are truly coming to the end of time. We must be ready for anything and lean completely on Christ as the great controversy winds down to the end. May God bless and care for each of you and the challenges you are facing. Let us each lean on God at all times and be channels of good through His grace. May the Lord encourage and strengthen you is my prayer.

Ted N. C. Wilson, President

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists