Facility Seeks to Enhance AdventHealth’s Supply and Resiliency

New Consolidated Service Center leverages unique partnership, technology.

Facility Seeks to Enhance AdventHealth’s Supply and Resiliency
AdventHealth recently inaugurated its new Consolidated Service Center, which will seek to support the health network services to its seven million patients each year. [Photo: AdventHealth]

Most people give little thought to how health-care supplies get to the right place at the right time, so that caregivers have exactly what they need to take care of their patients. For 250 team members who work at AdventHealth’s new Consolidated Service Center (CSC), that is precisely what they are focused on.

“Without what you do here, we can’t care for the seven million people that we care for on an annual basis,” Terry Shaw, president/CEO for AdventHealth, said. “Without you, work comes to a screeching halt. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for your dedication and the blessing you are going to be to the caregivers at the bedside.”

After only a year from design to completed construction, the distribution center that will serve AdventHealth’s hospitals in Florida, United States, is up and running and adding new inventory each day. The nearly 375,000-square-foot (34,800-square-meter) space is a multiuse building co-developed by AdventHealth and Medline, the industry leader in health-care supplies manufacturing and distribution across the full continuum of care, as part of a strategic and multi-faceted partnership leveraging each organization’s strengths to bolster a healthy supply chain. Leaders and team members from both companies shared their excitement about the space at a recent ribbon cutting and building blessing event.

“Working together, AdventHealth and Medline are a force multiplier, and we are taking steps together to advance the health-care supply chain — bringing the right product to the right place at the right time, ultimately for providers to care for their patients. This consolidated service center will create resilience, create sustainability, and it will create a differentiated impact for the facilities that you serve, and we are looking forward to that journey together,” Jim Boyle, chief executive officer for Medline, said.

The Consolidated Service Center includes a distribution center, print shop, courier and mail services, mail-order pharmacy that serves more than 125,000 patients, and meeting spaces and offices to accommodate 250 team members. Like other AdventHealth workplaces, the CSC was built with the wellbeing of team members in mind. A temperature-controlled warehouse, onsite chapel, wellness area with educational opportunities and space to relax, and a café with healthy grab-and-go meals are all meant to help team members connect, learn, and recharge during their down time.

“Every single team member who works at AdventHealth is a critical part of our mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ, and I hope that those team members who work here know they make a difference in everything we do,” Paul Rathbun, senior executive vice president and chief financial officer for AdventHealth, said.

The Consolidated Service Center will enable a resilient inventory strategy that allows consistent support for operations, as well as access to Medline’s distribution network in case of an emergency, AdventHealth leaders explained. “AdventHealth has taken many measures to ensure the continuity and sustainability of its supply chain so that its team members have what they need to provide exceptional whole-person care to patients,” they said.

The original version of this story was posted on the AdventHealth news site.