April 6, 2016

Facebook Post About Bible Goes Viral in Spain

Seventh-day Adventists in Spain are praising God after a video posted as part of an evangelistic initiative to share biblical truths on Facebook went viral.

The Adventist Church’s HopeMedia center in Spain has been publishing the “La Biblia de la verdad en 2 minutos” (The Truth of the Bible in 2 Minutes) videos on its Facebook page for the past two months, but its latest installment has attracted wide attention.

The post, published Sabbath, March 26, has reached some 100,000 people, been viewed about 27,000 times, and been shared by more than 1,500 people, a significant achievement for a Facebook page with barely 18,000 likes in a secularized region where the Adventist Church has struggled to make inroads.

“Its success on the biggest global and social network, Facebook, has been remarkable,” the Adventist Church’s Inter-European Division, which includes Spain, said in a statement.

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In the video, the ninth in the series, pastor Daniel Bosqued talks about the accuracy of the Bible. He concludes his message with an invitation for viewers to experience the power of the book for themselves.

“Beautiful,” wrote one Facebook viewer, Norma Dávila.

“Excellent!” wrote another, Raúl Kruse. “Keep it going! Thank you so much!”

Incidentally, the video was released during the Congress of Spanish Adventist Pathfinders 2016, a major gathering of more than 500 Adventist young people from across Spain.

The Inter-European Division noted that the popularity of the post had not only blessed viewers but also boosted the popularity of HopeMedia’s Facebook page with more than 400 new followers.

“Enjoy and share ‘The Truth About the Bible.’ It can change your life,” it said.

To learn more about the project, visit HopeMedia’s Facebook page or website.