April 16, 2014

​Dwight Nelson Speaks at Sunset Lake Re-Fresh Retreat

BY David Yeagley, Washington Conference youth

than 400 people from across the Washington Conference and beyond gathered at
Sunset Lake Camp in Wilkeson, Washington, for the first-ever Re-Fresh Retreat
on March 15, featuring Dwight Nelson and the music of For His Glory.

idea for the retreat was born more than a year ago during a meeting of the
Sunset Lake Camp board. Camp had always been a place for young people to come
and meet Jesus. Staffers wanted to find a way to reconnect adults to the
camp and give them that same experience of spiritual renewal.

Dwight Nelson drives his point during the sermon. [Photo: David Yeagley] The
plan for the day was simple: Biblical preaching, inspiring music, and time for
prayer and fellowship. Nelson’s preaching focused on God’s promise in Isaiah
43:18–20 that He “will do a new thing.” During three presentations, Nelson
talked about the forgetfulness of God, persistent prayer and God’s passion to
save lost humanity. A special kids' program on creation made the day accessible
to young families.

response from those in attendance was overwhelming. “You couldn’t have named
the event better,” one participant commented. “I could feel my stress slipping
away. I am leaving here refreshed.” At the close of the day people clustered in
groups around the gym to talk or strolled around the lake, enjoying the last
few moments of a memorable Sabbath.

will be an annual event. Plans have already been made for next year’s retreat
featuring Bill Knott, Adventist Review editor.

from the North Pacific Union Gleaner