Digital Evangelism Department Launches AI Chatbot ‘Adventist Church GPT’

Korean Union Conference develops and unveils new option to increase awareness of the church.

Korean Union Conference, and Adventist Review
Digital Evangelism Department Launches AI Chatbot ‘Adventist Church GPT’
Adventist Church GPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that invites people to explore their questions about the Seventh-day Adventist Church. [Image: Korean Union Conference]

Designed to address inquiries and clear up misconceptions about the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the AI Chatbot “Adventist Church GPT” (generative pre-transformer) has been unveiled by the Digital Evangelism Department of the Korean Union Conference, a team of digital evangelists serving that church region recently reported.

The AI service furnishes information encompassing Adventist doctrine, history, beliefs, and lifestyle. Beyond providing accurate details, it offers education and counseling services connected to Bible correspondence schools.

Through fine-tuning, Adventist Church GPT delivers teachings aligned with Adventist beliefs, the team behind the initiative reported. The team enhanced its capabilities by training the AI on an extensive corpus of official church documents and materials. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, its prompt responses aim to benefit church members and the general public alike. Featuring an intuitive interface accessible across digital devices like smartphones and computers, it facilitates natural, seamless conversations, they said.

“Based on user feedback, we’re continuously refining the user interface/user experience [UI/UX] to elevate the user experience,” Lee SangYong, digital evangelism department director, said. “It will enable users to comprehend better and connect with Adventist belief and teachings.”

One beta tester expressed satisfaction that surpassed expectations, noting, “While general search engines and GPT models frequently provided inadequate or inaccurate information about the Adventist Church, Adventist GPT conveyed relatively accurate details.”

Another user remarked, “Although I was knowledgeable about the Adventist Church and beliefs, I struggled to articulate explanations whenever questions were asked about them. However, by effectively utilizing this chatbot, anyone can confidently introduce the church and expound on the rationale behind their belief.” The user added that they would employ it as a valuable evangelism aid.

Samples of questions that can be asked to Adventist Church GPT to get to know the Seventh-day Adventist Church better. [Image: Korean Union Conference]

Key anticipated benefits encompass broadening outreach to the world about Adventist doctrine and beliefs, rectifying misinformation and misconceptions, and communicating the denomination’s stance on pertinent issues, the team reported. “Complementing non-face-to-face evangelism, automated counseling will enhance user engagement, while automated responses to repetitive questions will conserve human resources and boost efficiency,” they said.

The partner company OPENBUS significantly contributed through pro-bono technical guidance and development, optimizing performance and usability, the team revealed.

The department intends to implement continuous updates and enhancements to Adventist Church GPT to fortify the church’s evangelism and outreach initiatives. “It will proactively solicit and integrate user feedback to progressively elevate the chatbot’s precision and capabilities,” they said.

Adventist Church GPT is accessible for counseling purposes through its website and its customer relationship management (CRM) service.The original version of this story was posted on the Northern Asia-Pacific Division news site.

Korean Union Conference, and Adventist Review

Korean Union Conference, and Adventist Review