Communication Professors Publish Book on Relationships

Heather Thompson Day and Seth Day share their book, I’ll See You Tomorrow.

Andrews University, and Adventist Review
<strong>Communication Professors Publish Book on Relationships</strong>
Heather Thompson Day and Seth Day pictured together with their newly released book, I’ll See You Tomorrow. [Photo: Nicholas Gunn]

Heather Thompson Day and Seth Day, husband and wife and communication professors at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, United States, recently published I’ll See You Tomorrow, a book about relationships.

Heather and Seth first met at Ruth Murdoch Elementary School beside the campus of Andrews University. Years later, as adults, they began a relationship and have now been married for nearly 12 years. With three children and years of experience and research, the Days decided to share their hard-earned wisdom by co-authoring this exploration of relational dynamics.

The idea for I’ll See You Tomorrow first emerged as they watched The Last Dance, the 2020 Netflix documentary series about Michael Jordan. The series covered Jordan’s basketball career as well as his development throughout life. Heather recalled a scene when the Chicago Bulls made it to the playoffs for the first time. Despite the team’s excitement to be in the playoffs, they lost the first series to the Orlando Magic. As the team walked off the court feeling dejected and discouraged, Michael Jordan’s trainer asked, “Hey, Michael, just let me know when I’ll see you.” Jordan responds, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“The second we heard him say that line, we knew this was something. The reason Michael Jordan became ‘Michael Jordan’ is because when everybody else went home, he went back to the gym,” Seth says.

Seth has a chapter in the book titled “The Infinite Game.” He explains that Jordan didn’t see basketball as a finite, fixed game. Rather, he saw it as an infinite season, where there would be winners and losers, and the goal was to stay in the game. Seth shares that the couple reflected on this line and asked, “What does this look like for a generation of people that has really been losing the ability to stay in relationships with one another? What does it look like to start saying to one another, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow’?”

Heather emphasizes that the book is not specifically about marriage but about relationships. She notes, “This book is not for everybody. This book is specifically for people who genuinely want to figure out how to navigate the reality of their lives.” She continues, “This book is for the person who’s trying to figure out, how do I keep my heart soft toward others and myself despite the things I could not control in my life?” 

On this shared project, Seth and Heather are open about their differing perspectives. “In the opening of the book, you’ll see two different voices,” Heather explains. Seth clarifies further, “I think there’s something in there for the two different types of readers who are going to read this book. Maybe you’ll resonate with Heather’s voice or maybe my personal story. If you identify with what Heather says, then I might challenge you a little more based on the things that I say. And if you resonate with me, then maybe you’ll find a challenge based on Heather’s chapters, because we alternate chapters. I think there’s something that will challenge anyone who reads this book.”

The book was published in 2022 by Thomas Nelson and includes a foreword by evangelist, author, and Bible teacher Beth Moore.The original version of this story was posted on the Andrews University news site.

Andrews University, and Adventist Review