New Facilities Ramp Up Adventist TV and Radio in Chile

Nuevo Tiempo’s mission is drawing people to Jesus, leaders say.

Nuevo Tiempo
New Facilities Ramp Up Adventist TV and Radio in Chile

Nuevo Tiempo Chile held the long-awaited inauguration ceremony of its new facilities in Chillán, Chile, on February 20, 2022. The new communication center for the Adventist media headquarters in the country will boost the production of resources for the Nuevo Tiempo network, which has been ongoing for 20 years, leaders said.

“The previous building did not meet the needs in radio, television, and social networks, so for years we longed for new facilities that met the technical and human requirements,” leaders said. “Thank God, this dream has come true, [something] that will allow us to reach more homes with the message of hope and salvation.”

Patricio Olivares, general director of Nuevo Tiempo Chile, said that, reaching such a milestone is a great blessing. “It is a moment of great joy that will endure over time,” Olivares said. “What we are beginning today still needs more time to keep developing, but we are happy because we have a house, a place to produce new programs, to keep dreaming, grow, and believe in having a powerful impact on those who yet have to get to know the Lord.”

The goal is to grow—both in quality and quantity—in the area of TV, radio, and Internet evangelism, as the Adventist Church keeps preaching about the second coming of Jesus across Chile and Latin America, leaders said.

Tomás Parra Contreras, director of the South American Division (SAD) Radio Nuevo Tiempo and Radio Novo Tempo networks, said this is a major achievement for the network he leads. “Chile is very important for the network, and we want to continue producing quality content and also relevant content for the salvation of many people,” he said.

For Chile Union Mission president Aldo Muñoz, the joy of the inauguration is only part of the story. “The connection between Nuevo Tiempo and our local congregations is very important,” he explained. “More than 180 Nuevo Tiempo coordinators are visiting homes to deliver Bible studies offered every week through the network,” Muñoz said.

The opening day also featured praise music and a tour of the new facilities. TV director and editor Claudio Johnson reminisced about the history of the ministry in the area. “A long time has elapsed since we began at the previous building. [This development] is something that will change everything for the better.”

SAD president Stanley Arco, who for years served in Chile, also recalled the beginnings of Nuevo Tiempo. He said he hoped God’s plans in the area of communication keep being fulfilled across the region and beyond. “This building is important to keep producing resources not only for Chile but [also] for the South American Division and the world,” Arco said.

Jorge Rampogna, SAD communication director and former director of Nuevo Tiempo in South America, agreed. “Nuevo Tiempo Chile keeps being relevant because from this very place, strategic content of hope and salvation will continue to be developed, so more and more people may know Jesus and accept Him as their personal Savior,” he said.

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