BRI and Andrews University Release Landmark Book on Adventist Doctrine

John Peckham’s God with Us is a work for general and classroom readers.

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BRI and Andrews University Release Landmark Book on Adventist Doctrine
John C. Peckham, author of God with Us. [Photo: John C. Peckham]

The General Conference Biblical Research Institute (BRI) and Andrews University have partnered to publish a book for general and classroom readers that theologically examines each of the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s fundamental beliefs.

Titled, God with Us: An Introduction to Adventist Theology, the book is authored by John C. Peckham, research professor of theology and Christian philosophy at Andrews University and recently appointed associate editor of Adventist Review/Adventist World. The book was commissioned and edited by BRI, with its first purpose to be a foundational, accessible, and yet scholarly introduction to Adventist belief for undergraduate and graduate students. Published by Andrews University Press, the world church’s primary academic publishing house, God with Us is also designed and promoted beyond the classroom for the general readership of the church.

BRI director Elias Brasil de Souza, who wrote the foreword to the book, said, “We are very glad to have partnered with Andrews University to bring this work to the Adventist world and beyond. It is much needed. There have been other textbooks dealing with Adventist doctrine and other presentations of our fundamental beliefs. Peckham’s work stands out because of his thoughtful, highly readable presentation, which is informed by his perspective as one of our church’s leading theologians.”

Broad editorial aspects of Peckham’s work were supervised by BRI associate director Frank M. Hasel. In his role as theological editor, Hasel arranged for review of Peckham’s work by other theologians and worked with Peckham to put the manuscript in its final form for submission to Andrews for publication. “The title of Peckham’s book beautifully describes the organizing principle behind his treatment of Adventist doctrine,” Hasel said. “Peckham shows that, in the most profound way, every aspect of foundational biblical theology, as understood by Adventists, is framed by God’s desire to be with and for His people. We see that most obviously in creation, the incarnation, the Sabbath, the second coming, the sanctuary and, as Peckham skillfully shows, in every other aspect of our fundamental beliefs. His insightful interaction with other theological positions gives the reader a deeper understanding of the beauty, coherence, and uniqueness of Adventist theology. His book will be a significant reference point for Adventist theology for years to come.”

God with Us is a book on the theology of Seventh-day Adventist doctrinal thought for general readers and college students. [Image: Andrews University Press]

Dwight K. Nelson, former lead pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church at Andrews University, said that “God with Us is classic Peckham — carefully reasoned, meticulously shaped, yet winsomely user-friendly for life beyond the academy.”

Walla Walla University president John McVay wrote, “If you are looking for clear, accessible writing tracing the grandest stories and themes while unpacking gentle, persuasive, reasoned faith, you’ve found it.”

Sung Wook Chung, a well-known evangelical professor of Christian theology at Denver Seminary, endorsed the book by saying, “This excellent piece of theological work will lead to John Peckham being regarded as one of the most authoritative voices alive today on Adventist theology. A must-read for anyone interested in the contemporary shape of not only Adventist theology but also broader evangelical theology.”

Peckham was a professor of theology and Christian philosophy at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews for 10 years before his recent appointment as an associate editor of Adventist Review/Adventist World. Previously, he taught at Southwestern Adventist University. Several of his previous books have been released to wide acclaim by Baker, Eerdmans, and other evangelical publishers. God with Us was released by Andrews University Press in mid-August and is receiving wide interest. A pre-publication sale late in July sparked a strong response from individual purchasers, and several Adventist conferences are ordering the book for distribution to their pastors. The book will be used in classrooms in Adventist colleges and universities beginning this fall.

God with Us is available now from Adventist Book Centers and from Andrews University Press.

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