February 19, 2014

Australian Team Completes "Fly-and-Build" Trip to Myanmar

A team of 19 Australians, led by Pastor Wolfgang Jenke and his
wife, Lyn Joy, went on a fly’n’build trip to Myanmar late last year. The
purpose of the trip was to build three bathroom/shower blocks for Mountain View
Adventist Seminary near Toungo. The seminary is directed by Pastor Alvin Hla
and currently has 380 students.

Without earthmoving machinery, wheelbarrows, and most of the
power-tools taken for granted in modern construction work, the team built all
three facilities on time, with the dedicated work of all the students. They did
all the earthmoving for each site, helped dig three large septic tanks with 50
meters of leach drain each, carried 6,000 cement blocks to the building sites
and mixed the concrete and mortar. The team also learned how to weld and lay

Each evening, Jenke and pastor Ben Kosmeier ran two evangelistic
meetings, which resulted in 76 baptisms on the final Sabbath there. “It was
absolutely fantastic. All our thanks goes to God for His enabling grace and
protection,” said Pastor Jenke.

To read more about the mission trips, visit www.jenkemission.org.