September 20, 2022

Auditing Leaders Move to New Offices in the Philippines

General Conference leaders Paul Douglas and Robyn Kajiura attend the ceremony.

Edward Rodriguez, Southern Asia-Pacific Division News
[Photo: Southern Asia-Pacific Division]

The General Conference Auditing Services of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (GCAS-SSD) recently transferred operations to its new offices located on the second floor of the newly established Life Hope Impact Center in Silang, Cavite, Philippines. 

Guests from the General Conference (GC) treasury team, the General Conference auditing services (GCAS), and other regional officers attended the recent inauguration and witnessed this important milestone.

“This movement aims to improve our quality of work and help us provide excellent quality of service to our clients. It also enables us to stay true to our promise and deliver the GCAS branding, which is ‘Delivering Excellence,’ ” Jeremy Smith, associate director for the Trans Asia-Pacific Area of the auditing service, said.

This new office, Smith added, will “accommodate the growing workforce of the Southern Asia-Pacific team and [they can] still work together in one place.”

Plans to relocate the GCAS-SSD office from a small housing unit to a fully functional, modern workplace have been in place for some years, but financial challenges and sustaining the operations were a consideration. In 2018, the proposal to establish a Center of Influence near the division office materialized and encouraged several institutions to support the construction of the new facilities. 

Paul Douglas, former GCAS executive director and current treasurer of the Adventist Church, joined this important occasion and witnessed the inauguration ceremony of the new offices. He recalled his ministry while he was serving in the GCAS office of the world headquarters and how crucial the auditing service is in the church’s world operations in terms of transparency and accountability.

“Transparency and accountability need people.… What we have found here is a plethora of those who are [Certified Public Accountants], those who are delighted to work for the church,” Douglas said. “By having this building, it houses people who are interested in serving, and we have the opportunity to promote transparency and accountability around the world through the services provided in this building.” 

Douglas also encouraged the GCAS-SSD team, explaining, “We do have different roles to perform, but we are all part and co-laborers of the divine mandate, and that is to fulfill God’s mission for His people.”

Looking back at how the GCAS-SSD office has grown and developed through the years, chief audit executive of the Adventist Church Robyn Kajiura acknowledged the people who were instrumental in making this dream a reality. She talked about the significance of the new office and how it reflects the character of hard work and dedication of the people who stayed true to its mission.

“It’s an incredible privilege to move into this building. The reach of this office will be a global impact not just on the auditors but also on the shared services group who are preparing audit reports around the world,” Kajiura said.

The GCAS-SSD office is part of the Trans Asia-Pacific Area, servicing the divisions of the Southern Asia-Pacific region, Northern Asia-Pacific region, and South Pacific region.

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