May 3, 2014

​ASI Ministry Heralds Creation

For more than 20
years, Creation Illustrated magazine
has shared God’s transformational power through life-changing,
character-building parables. This publication has gone to Adventist schools and
teachers in North America, as well as to prisoners, homeschoolers, hospital
chaplains, ASI member organizations and their employees, and subscribers in all
50 states and 30 foreign countries—including those of other faiths that make up
about 55 percent of the magazine’s readership.

This long-time ASI
member ministry has tremendous significance. “In addition to cutting across
denominational lines with the truth about Creation and the Sabbath truth that
originated from it, we must teach—especially our young people—that each of us
is the greatest evidence of Creation,” says Creation Illustrated publisher Tom Ish. “Our hurting world
needs to see that we are a new Creation in Christ Jesus—transformed
by His power, grace, and love.”

CIMagwebCreation remains a
hotly debated issue in Adventist churches and schools, and a recent Fall
Council of the General Conference Executive Committee pushed this key
foundational Creation truth to the forefront with various affirmations,
including a movie called The
Creation: The Earth Is A Witness
, to spark public interest and
evangelistic efforts. Creation
provides churches and members with an important tool to
help cultivate these interests and address this vital end-time issue.

With readers
calling Creation Illustrated “The
Christian answer to National Geographic!” the publication includes plenty
of Creation-based science, educational materials, and stunning photography.
While the publishers have great respect for and work with proponents of
Creation apologetics, the ministry maintains that Creation Illustrated is primarily an outreach tool to “Share
Christ in the Marketplace!” Each quarterly keepsake edition is designed to
reach employees, business contacts, family, and friends with mental, spiritual,
and physical enrichment needed in these trying times.

“We’ve had ASI
business leaders give as many as 1,000 gift subscriptions to their employees
with a very positive response!” added Ish, who is assisted in the ministry by
wife Jennifer, associate editor, and daughter Melissa, associate photo editor.
ASI members have also been instrumental in funding the placement of Creation Illustrated into schools and
prisons in an ongoing annual effort.

“We are so grateful
for the shared commitment and support that is needed to keep the Creation
message in the forefront,” says Ish.

In addition to animal
and bird features, outdoor adventure testimonies, and a Creation week
series, Creation Illustrated provides
practical ways to unplug from harried, electronics-infused lives and enjoy
practical, creative experiences in the garden, on hikes, and in the kitchen
with the popular “Genesis Cuisine” vegan recipes found in each edition.

H. Cochran, a
non-Adventist reader from Montana, wrote, “I was moved to tears many times
by the beautiful photography and Scripture mixed together. It brought out the
majesty and awesome creative power of our Father in heaven. I intend to use
your magazine for part of my curriculum next year and believe Creation Illustrated will help me
better put into words for my son how the wonders around us glorify our

In the pages of this
richly-illustrated magazine, people from all walks of life can enjoy a “digital
detox” by “slowing down to smell the roses” and sampling a taste of the Sabbath
rest that God designed from the beginning to inspire a worshipful relationship
with Him, ultimately embracing the Sabbath truth—the final issue before Christ

Creation Illustrated is in the process of expanding its efforts by
providing digital editions and establishing a creation resource store on its
website at
Unit Studies on various articles for students and teachers, supported by a
Creation Week DVD series complete with Bible studies, are also planned in the