June 21, 2014

ASI Member Blankets New York With The Great Controversy


Last spring Justin Montero, a New York Bible worker, began noticing
a strange phenomenon.

Everywhere he went, people were reading The Great
. People on the subway, people in taxis, people walking down the
street — everywhere he saw people reading The Great Controversy.

<strong>SHARING BOOK:</strong> The cover of "The Great Controversy" that is being distributed in major U.S. cities. Photo credit: Remnant Productions

Montero finally approached a man on the street who was reading the book.

“What are you reading?” he asked.

“This book is amazing!” the man said, proceeding to describe
what he had read so far.

How did so many New Yorkers get their hands on the book
describing the world end-time events by Seventh-day Adventist Church co-founder
Ellen G. White?

In spring 2013, Remnant Publications, a
Coldwater, Michigan-based member of ASI, a
private organization run by Adventists, spearheaded a mass mailing of 1 million copies of The
Great Controversy
to Manhattan. This coincided with the yearlong NY13, a
citywide Adventist evangelistic campaign that kicked off the world church’s emphasis
on urban evangelism, dubbed “Mission to the Cities.”

“Millions of people in our big cities are searching for truth,” Dwight Hall,
CEO of Remnant Publications, said in a recent interview. “Remnant is delivering
truth right to their doorsteps.”

In the fall, Washington D.C. became the second major U.S.
city targeted by Remnant’s Great Controversy mailings. Interestingly, the
324,000 books began showing up in mailboxes on the first day of a federal
government shutdown last October.

“Just when our nation’s capital was wondering what would
happen next, The Great Controversy appeared in everyone’s mailbox and
revealed the future,” Hall said.

Upcoming mailings will target San Francisco and North Carolina.

To learn how to
conduct a
Great Controversy outreach in your U.S. city or to donate to the
project, visit http://www.remnantpublications.com.