March 5, 2021

Annual Eye Camp Surgeries Restore Sight to Thousands in India

Cassie Matchim Hernandez, It Is Written, and Adventist Review

Eyes for India, a ministry sponsored by the It Is Written media ministry that seeks to restore sight to the blind through cataract surgeries in India, held its annual eye camp in Barabanki district, Uttar Pradesh, in February 2021.

Ophthalmologist Jacob Prabhakar reported that once more, he was able to restore sight to thousands of people. “I thank God for a successful camp, despite the continued pandemic!”

This year, from February 1 to 11, Prabhakar and his medical team successfully completed 2,672 cataract and 29 pterygium removal surgeries (a pterygium is a small growth in the corner of the eye). “I praise God for making such an impact possible in a Hindu temple,” Prabhakar said. “The need this year is greater than ever before. Since there were no surgery services in this area all through the pandemic year, the backlog is huge. The people are poor and desperate for help.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only patients who tested negative for the virus received the operation. Each patient was provided with a mask, and the medical team wore full personal protective equipment.

Prabhakar explained that most people operated on had bilateral hypermature cataracts and that it was imperative they were operated on this year. “If we did not operate on these patients,” he said, “the cataract may become complicated and cause permanent, painful blindness.”

After completing their surgeries, patients received instructions on how to care for their eyes at home, together with inspirational materials translated into their languages.

Each patient was grateful to be given the gift of sight again, Prabhakar said. In a report to It Is Written, he wrote, “These thousands of blind who now see are ever grateful to It Is Written for restoring their sight, which enables them to carry on with their improved quality of life, lead normal lives, and earn a livelihood. This would not have been possible without It Is Written, and we are grateful to you for this amazing ministry and your generosity. Thank you for making this life-changing impact possible!”

The original version of this story was posted by It Is Written.