Andrews University Student Wins Major Music Award

K-Anthony’s Arrow album was named Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year in Canada.

Nicholas Gunn, for Lake Union Herald
Andrews University Student Wins Major Music Award
K-Anthony, an Andrews University Master of Divinity student, received a prestigious Canadian music award on March 24 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. [Photo: oshane.howard / @fuzereps]

K-Anthony, an Andrews University Master of Divinity student, received a prestigious Canadian music award on March 24 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

The Juno award, widely considered as the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy awards, recognizes excellence in Canadian music across multiple genres. K-Anthony won the “Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year” category for his album entitled Arrow.

Reflecting on his win, K-Anthony expressed a mix of emotions ranging from joy to gratitude to a sheer sense of accomplishment. For him, winning the Juno award validates years of hard work, dedication, and a deep-rooted passion for music. “This opens doors for me to do a lot more, where I’m placed center stage to share this wonderful message as a believer and as a disciple. I think it gives me more leverage to bring the message of Jesus Christ to a dying world.”

He traces his musical journey to his upbringing in Jamaica, where the vibrant sounds of reggae and his musical influences shaped his unique style and message. K-Anthony’s songs are crafted with the lyrics front and center with a decidedly optimistic tone, but the underlying theme of his music is his love for God and hope for the future. He’s driven by a strong desire to bring that hope and sense of purpose in life to young people who feel lost and don’t know where to turn. 

K-Anthony is photographed on the red carpet at the Juno Awards on March 24. [Photo: provided by Vision PR Solutions]

Almost Didn’t Make It

K-Anthony almost didn’t make it to “Canada’s biggest night in music.” He recalls his first big test of faith, which happened during an almost life-ending situation. As a child growing up in Falmouth, the capital city of Jamaica’s Trelawny parish, Anthony was reminded often to stay away from the water. One day he decided to disobey his parents by following his friends to swim at a nearby beach on a day when they were cautioned against doing so. He found himself pulled under a current twice and realized he was drowning.

“When I was at church, the pastor said, ‘Whenever you’re in difficulty, call on Jesus.’ I then called out, ‘God, please help me.’ ” After this near-death episode, K-Anthony promised to give his life to God.  

Growing up, he was inspired to become a track star. “I was established in my hometown as a 100-meter and 200-meter sprinter. So, it really affected me a lot when my mom took me from track and field and sent me to an Adventist school,” he said. After he finished high school his mother suggested he pursue music in college. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in music at Jamaica’s Northern Caribbean University.  

Now, looking ahead, K-Anthony aspires to continue creating meaningful music, collaborating with talented artists, and reaching new heights in his career. He sees winning the Juno award as a catalyst for further inspiration, pushing him to explore new artistic horizons while staying true to bringing people closer to God. 

For aspiring musicians, K-Anthony offers words of wisdom. “Stay true to yourself, believe in your vision, and never underestimate the power of perseverance and hard work. Allow your passion to drive you, and trust the journey.” 

The original version of this story was posted by the Lake Union Herald.

Nicholas Gunn, for Lake Union Herald