Adventist Women Mobilize for Outreach and Ministry in Japan

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Adventist Women Mobilize for Outreach and Ministry in Japan
Participants take a group photo after the “Reflect Beauty” meetings in Kyoto, Japan. [Photo: Northern Asia-Pacific Division]

On the weekend of April 26-28, 130 women from local Seventh-day Adventist churches throughout the Japan Union Conference met in Kyoto for a congress on revival, spiritual growth, and service. The event was organized by JUC women’s ministries director Mie Morita, and it was the first major convention in that region since the COVID-19 pandemic, regional church leaders said.

The theme “Reflect Beauty: We Are Daughters of God” was carefully chosen for that weekend, described as “short but powerful.” Everything from the decorations to the setup and gifts was tied to the theme. JUC president Yutaka Inada opened the congress, inviting women to dedicate themselves to the Lord as He uses them to reflect beauty in their local churches.

Sometimes, we need to be reminded how much our heavenly Father loves and treasures us and what great rewards are included with the privilege of reflecting His beauty to the world around us.

How to Reflect Beauty

Guest speakers Willy and Elaine Oliver, family ministries directors of the General Conference (GC), and NSD women ministries director Raquel Arrais, shared topics relevant and pertinent to the women. They dealt with potential ways of reflecting beauty in the family through prayer, service, and mission, to love the Lord (Nurture), live joyfully (Empowerment), and serve cheerfully (Outreach).

GC women’s ministries director Galina Stele, through a beautiful video message, called on women to reflect beauty and serve Jesus where they are. Hearts were touched, and not a dry eye was seen in the several sessions shared, participants reported.

The event allowed women to learn from each other during the workshop sessions. The women learned how to relate to themselves and others in their daily lives, churches, and communities. They learned evangelism methods and how to connect with people around them. For 30 minutes, women went to the streets, and together in mission, they distributed 3,200 pamphlets with prayers.

During these three days, they prayed together, studied the Word, celebrated fellowship, and encouraged each other to reflect beauty in their Christian life, putting God first. Indeed, it was a beautiful ending to the congress in Kyoto, but just the beginning for the inspired women as they returned home to their local churches and shared what they had learned with the rest of their sisters in their beautiful territory.

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