June 4, 2019

Adventist Review Receives 'Best in Class’ Award

Marcos Paseggi, Adventist Review

Adventist Review, the flagship magazine of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, recently received the Associated Church Press 2018 Best in Class Award for a denominational magazine. The award was presented by ACP at its annual Best of the Church Press Awards ceremony in Chicago, Illinois, United States, on April 11.

“For more than 35 years, the Adventist Review family of magazines have been an active part of the Associated Church Press — the oldest religious press association in North America,” said Adventist Review executive editor Bill Knott. “It’s a place to sharpen professional skills and work with other publications to keep faith-based journals available in the public square.”

Each year, a juried competition of the best in North American religious journalism is conducted by ACP, explained Knott. “Through the years, Adventist Review, Adventist World and KidsView have collected dozens of awards for excellence in feature writing, devotional articles, editorials, magazine design, and creative new products.”

This year, for the first time, Adventist Review received the remarkable ‘Best in Class — Denominational Magazine’ award, which is, according to experts in the field, the one that matters most to ACP convention attendees each year. The award is conferred on the faith-based publication that best exemplifies the high standards of excellence in writing, design, and service to its denomination.

It’s a remarkable feat for a 170-year old magazine, Knott noted.

“As one of the oldest religious journals in North America, the Review has reinvented itself as a journal of the contemporary Seventh-day Adventist church that prizes the rich heritage of this movement,” he said.

Knott pointed to the editorial and design teams that create Adventist Review each month.

“I’m enormously proud of the talented men and women on our team — who write and edit and design this magazine,” Knott said. “This award is a testimony to their amazing dedication and creativity. Knowing that our quality has been affirmed by our peers in faith-based journalism only makes it more satisfying to commit ourselves to a ministry and a church we love.”

Nine Other Awards

At the April convention, Adventist Review Ministries products received three Awards of Excellence, including one for the Print Publication Redesign of the Adventist World magazine.  An Award of Merit was given for Photography in Adventist Review, and five Honorable Mentions, including one for its ‘Digging Deeper’ Podcast Series.

Other Seventh-day Adventist publications that received awards include Ministry magazine , NAD NewsPoints, the Canadian Adventist Messenger, and the Journal of Adventist Education.

The Associated Church Press traces its beginnings to 1916, and is a professional organization brought together by a common commitment to excellence in journalism as a means to describe, reflect, and support the life of faith and the Christian community, according to its website. Among its stated purposes is the goal of promoting “higher standards of communication through professional growth opportunities and recognition of excellence.”