April 12, 2017

Adventist Review Goes Global as New Communication Director Is Appointed

Adventist Review Staff

Adventist Review Ministries (ARMies) recently welcomed a new director of communication and news editor to oversee related operations and projects.

Costin Jordache, who previously served as vice-president for communication in the Central California Conference church region, was named to replace Andrew McChesney, who became an editor at Adventist Mission in November 2016. Jordache’s news editor role, however, has been significantly expanded, as ARMies moves the 168-year-old magazine—the oldest religious publication in North America—forward as a multi-platform media publication tuned to 21st-century faith.

“Every ministry and every organization comes to a moment when its existing frame is just too small for the picture God is painting,” said Bill Knott, executive editor of the Adventist Review and Adventist World magazines. Inviting Costin “was a frank recognition of our need to truly ‘go global’ in building a world-class news system for the world church.”

An Expanded Role

Jordache, a Seventh-day Adventist pastor who served congregations in Texas and Southern California, has been professionally involved for years in communication, including as a specialist and liaison with public media. “He’s the right person to plan and build an international network of Adventist journalists and communication leaders who can deliver high-quality information from everywhere, all the time,” said Knott.

The expanded role of Director of Communication includes the development of strategic partnerships with other church communication entities around the world. The defined goal is “to enhance the exposure, effectiveness, and missional reach” of the Adventist Review Ministries publications “with print, television, radio, web-based, social media, and video production ministries and organizations.”

“It’s an exciting time to join the team at Adventist Review Ministries,” said Jordache in reacting to his appointment. “I’m delighted to be a part of and to build on the vision that has driven the Adventist Review to inform and inspire people around the world for almost 170 years.”

Jordache will also serve as the official spokesperson for Adventist Review Ministries, interfacing with both internal and external media outlets. In that capacity, he is expected to co-ordinate an increased interaction between Adventist Review Ministries and major news outlets as new stories develop.

Plans and Projects

Among plans in the works, Jordache identified that one of his priorities is to develop a global news corps of freelance journalists for rapid and expanded coverage of events significant for the Adventist Church. To reach that goal, he’s planning to work in close coordination with the Communication Department of the General Conference and church communication leaders around the world to maximize news coverage from each region.

“The challenge ahead is sizable,” said Jordache, “though we are all quite passionate about striving for a culture in which Adventist news and developments from every part of the world are available to a global audience on a consistent and timely basis.”

Jordache is also planning to emphasize the intersection of the Adventist Church and global news events as well as developing trends, conversations, and initiatives as they arise. His plan includes underlining “the contribution the Church makes to the communities in which it exists, and its willingness to partner with communities to improve living conditions, health outcomes, and access to services.”

For the past four years, Jordache has also served as the external media relations coordinator for “Your Best Pathway to Health,” a humanitarian service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church which organizes large-scale health clinics, and has provided free medical, dental and surgical care to thousands of residents in American cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Antonio and Spokane.

The Right Person for the Job

Knott believes that Jordache, who earned a B.A. in Theology from Southwestern Adventist University, and also holds an MA in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of Texas, and an MBA from California State University, is uniquely qualified for the expanded role at ARMies.

“The old adage says, ‘Make no little plans’—and Costin makes no little plans,” said Knott. “The fundamental difference between his vision and that of so many others is that he also has the management skill and determination to make those plans realities.”

A successful outcome, said Knott, includes not only knowledge and expertise about the journalistic profession but also the ability to advocate “faith-based journalism,” consistently demonstrating “that you can be fully candid and desire the good of God’s church—all at the same time.”

“With a pastor’s heart, a journalist’s insistence on truth, and some of the best team-building skills I’ve ever witnessed, Costin is going to take us to a new level of finding and reporting the church’s news,” Knott said.

Jordache, who is currently in the process of moving to Maryland, is married to Leah, also a pastor. Costin and Leah are the parents of two boys—Roman (11), and Lance (9).