Adventist Radio Is Changing Lives in the Peruvian Amazonia

Several families from isolated communities have found Bible truth through the airwaves.

Angela Arias, South American Division, and Adventist Review
Adventist Radio Is Changing Lives in the Peruvian Amazonia
Radio Nuevo Tiempo team visits the Canta Gallo community in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. [Photo: courtesy of Tomás Parra]

Traveling up the Itaya River for more than two hours from the beautiful island of Iquitos is enough time to realize that neither the rain nor the distances can prevent God’s Word from reaching people. This is what happened in the Canta Gallo community, a rural hamlet in the Loreto region of the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

“Canta Gallo is a village, a rural hamlet where four, five families have been baptized, and we hope by the end of the month to have about twelve [Adventist] families in this town,” Cristian Carrera, a district pastor in the Maynas Province, said. “These people listen to Radio Nuevo Tiempo. They have studied the ‘Faith of Jesus’ Bible lessons. Now they are following up with a Revelation course, and I am very happy, very grateful, for the support received.”

Liz Amparo (second from right) with her family. [Photo: screenshot)

South American Division (SAD) radio director Tomas Parras Contreras said that when he arrived in Canta Gallo, he had a wonderful surprise. “We found that there are several families who are Adventists and who got to know the gospel of Jesus through Radio Nuevo Tiempo,” he said. “This is the reason it is worthy to keep focusing on this great ministry, because we don’t know where radio waves can reach and their impact in people’s hearts. It is an important job, because it prepares citizens for the kingdom of heaven.”

A Family Touched by the Gospel

The goal is to continue preaching with more emphasis a message of salvation through media, radio leaders said. This applied to the case of Liz Amparo and her family. She was about to take her life when the voice of hope on the radio touched her heart.

“I got to the point of wanting to kill myself, but then I began to listen to Radio Nuevo Tiempo,” she shared. “Then I felt a great peace, and now I feel happy. The radio prepared me to meet Jesus.”

Amparo said that now, when she meets other people, she tells them about Jesus, and adds, “If you want to know more, please listen to Radio Nuevo Tiempo.”

Her husband, Alberto Habram, has also been touched by the messages and is a new person in Christ, she said.

“Thanks to the radio I have been able to learn more about Jesus,” Alberto said. “I had lost my self-esteem as a father because I had a problem with alcohol, but God changed my heart. Now I am a member of Christ’s family thanks to Radio Nuevo Tiempo and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.”

The original version of this story was posted on the South American Division Spanish-language news site.

Angela Arias, South American Division, and Adventist Review

Angela Arias, South American Division, and Adventist Review