Adventist Kids Series Creatures Teach Us! Returns for Season 3

The show now includes new insights, new characters, and an exclusive family offer.

Edward Rodriguez and Faith Toh, Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review
Adventist Kids Series Creatures Teach Us! Returns for Season 3
The third season of Creatures Teach Us! premieres on October 7. [Photo: Hope Channel Singapore]

Hope Channel Singapore is thrilled to announce the return of its family-friendly YouTube series Creatures Teach Us! for its much anticipated third season.

This heartwarming series, produced in partnership with the Children and Family Ministries department of the Singapore Conference of the Adventist Church, aims to inspire children and families by imparting valuable life lessons through engaging episodes featuring unique animals found in Singapore.

Life Lessons in God’s Creation

Season 3 introduces six captivating animals, each bringing their own unique lessons and affirmations. They include:

  • The rabbit: discover the importance of disciplined eating habits and the affirmation, “Healthy food makes me strong and happy.”
  • The mousedeer: uncover inner strength and resilience with the message, “I am small but I am brave.”
  • The bee: celebrate diversity and teamwork with a reminder, “It’s OK to be different.”
  • The hornbill: explore the virtues of trust and reliance, affirming, “I am ready to help when needed.”
  • The hen: embrace empathy and care with the message, “I am caring.”
  • The frog: understand our shared responsibility to protect the environment with the affirmation, “I take care of our environment.”

New episodes of the series will be released every Saturday, starting October 7. The talented young hosts featured in the episodes come from local Adventist institutions, including Adventist Schoolhouse, San Yu Adventist School, and Adventist churches in Singapore.

To make this season even more exciting, Hope Channel Singapore is offering an 18-piece affirmation sticker pack featuring all the beloved animal mascots from Seasons 1 to 3. This exclusive offer is available to residents in Singapore who follow Hope Channel Singapore on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. They can claim their sticker pack by messaging the channel on the platform they’ve followed or subscribed to.

How It All Started

In the challenging year of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic cast a shadow over the ability of churches to gather and organize evangelism initiatives. Yet, amid restrictions, the power of digital technology emerged, enabling churches to adapt and devise new strategies to reach people during this period. Thus, the conception of the Creatures Teach Us! Campaign — a testament to resilience and creativity born in the crucible of the pandemic.

Church members and volunteers, including children and their families, demonstrated remarkable dedication and unity in championing this project. They understood the importance of their mission: to continue sharing their faith and values with their community, even when physical gatherings seemed impossible.

The initial seasons of the campaign, Seasons 1 and 2, involved the distribution of family packs accompanying each episode. These packs were carefully curated to offer parents engaging activities for their children. They started with printables, but as time unfolded, organizers recognized the need for a more dynamic and interactive approach. They were determined to move beyond the confines of paper-based activities.

The Creatures Teach Us! show found a dedicated YouTube following, amassing thousands of enthusiastic viewers. The series not only achieved digital success but also played a pivotal role in reshaping perspectives on faith within the Singaporean community. By delving into the profound teachings derived from God’s creation and applying them to real-life scenarios, the show consistently motivated and uplifted its audience.

“What truly sets Creatures Teach Us! apart is its unique ability to bridge generational gaps and encourage active involvement in ministry,” Johnny Kan, president and communication director of the Singapore Conference, said. “It provides a distinctive platform for parents and children to learn and share the gospel together,” Kan added.

Looking Ahead

The Adventist Media Team in Singapore is thrilled to announce plans for the 2024 campaign — an innovative card game called “Go Creatures!” featuring the program’s beloved mascots. In an era characterized by digital saturation, this analog bonding experience is a refreshing departure from screens and devices. It offers children a unique opportunity to connect with their families, creating meaningful relationships in a tangible, hands-on way.

The vision extends beyond the boundaries of church communities. Organizers pray that the “Go Creatures!” cards will capture the hearts of parents and families throughout the wider community, acting as a bridge that connects Singaporean families with church members.

The Creatures Teach Us! Campaign is a testament to the enduring spirit of faith, adaptability, and the unwavering commitment to establishing connections, even in the face of adversity, leaders behind the initiative said. “Prepare to embark on a faith-filled journey with Creatures Teach Us! Season 3, as it continues to inspire families and children with the wonders of nature and valuable life lessons, available to all who seek them,” they said.

The original version of this story was posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division news site.

Edward Rodriguez and Faith Toh, Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review