March 17, 2023

Adventist Hospital in Thailand Unveils New Towers

New two-tower facilities in Phuket seek to meet rising health-care needs in the region.

Edward Rodriguez, Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review
Official opening of the new, twin-tower Mission Hospital in Phuket, Thailand, on March 13. [Photo: Hope Channel Southeast Asia]

The opening of the Mission Hospital in Phuket, Thailand, on March 13 marked a significant milestone in the institution’s history. The new two-tower complex, situated in the center of Phuket, will offer the latest in medical technology and improved capacity to suit the community’s expanding demands. One tower will house an outpatient department facility, while the other will house parking and dormitories.

Administrators from the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD) and Southeastern Asia Union Mission of the Adventist Church, Mission Hospital Phuket leadership, health-care experts, and community leaders came to witness this historic event. The event began with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, which was followed by remarks and a tour of the new facility.

The chief executive officer of Mission Hospital in Phuket, Primprao Ratanayan, expressed her delight at the new building’s opening. “This is a tremendous achievement for both our hospital and the community we serve. Our new facility will enable us to better serve our patients and deliver the finest possible treatment using new medical technology.”

Mission Hospital Phuket expressed its appreciation to the donors who generously gave considerable sums to assist the church’s mission for the hospital during the inauguration ceremony. “We are very thankful to our benefactors for making the creation of this new facility possible. This project would not have been finished without their generosity,” Ratanayan said.

Ratanayan also highlighted the difficulties experienced in the project throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with uncertainty and constraints influencing the institution’s development and operations. “During these trying times, we sensed God’s influence and guidance. We are grateful for His direction and protection, which has enabled us to finish this project and continue providing the finest possible health care to the community,” she said.

The plan to create a new facility to expand the hospital’s services and amenities moved from idea to action in 2018, when the Mission Hospital Phuket Board of Directors approved a budget of 426 million Thai Baht (around US$12.3 million) for the creation of the new facilities.

The new structure has contemporary amenities such as multiple patient rooms, a bigger emergency department, and an intensive care unit. To address the rising demand for health-care services in the region, the hospital has also expanded its medical personnel.

The hospital’s expansion comes at a critical juncture in Phuket’s fast growth and development, including an increase in tourists. With more visitors to the island, there is a greater need for health-care services. The new structure will assist in meeting this expanding need while also improving the quality of health care accessible to both locals and tourists. The hospital’s dedication to delivering the finest possible treatment to its patients has earned it a reputation as one of the region’s top health-care providers.

SSD president Roger Caderma celebrated the event with words of encouragement and congratulations for the hospital as it launches new programs and missions using the facilities. “The Adventist Church consists of various schools, hospitals, and other institutions,” Caderma said. “We may have contextualized mission statements, but they all come down to God’s ultimate goal for the church, which is to spread His message across the globe.”

Ratanayan added that the institution’s goal is “to give the finest quality treatment to [its] patients,” something that health-care professionals now feel they will be able to do. “We are thrilled to provide the finest possible treatment to our patients in the most sophisticated and pleasant facilities,” she said.

The hospital’s commitment to its mission of providing high-quality and innovative health care to its patients remains steadfast, leaders said. “We look forward to continuing the hospital’s legacy of excellence with its new state-of-the-art facilities.”

The original version of this story was posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division news site.