November 22, 2017

Adventist Films Get Awards at Christian International Film Festival

Two film productions of the Adventist Church in South America received important awards at the International Christian Film Festival (FICC) on Nov. 15 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Selected by the people’s vote, the movie “O Resgate – Salvação ao Extremo” [The Rescue - Salvation to the Edge], won in the Best Medium-Length Film and Best Film categories. The feature, produced by Seven Filmes at the South American Division church region’s request, was one of the 176 movies entered in the 5th edition of the event.

The Adventist production was awarded the 2017 Best Evangelistic Film trophy, considered one of the festival’s most important awards. Released to support the 2017 Easter Week program and made available on YouTube in Portuguese and Spanish, The Rescue has been viewed online over 2 million times.

The feature plot tells the story of Adam (Maurício Pitanga) and his fiancée Joana (Daniela Paschoal), who prepare to climb a mountain in Chile in search of adventure. An unexpected storm, however, results in an accident that permanently changes their lives and the life of Adam’s older brother Miguel (Leonardo Goulart).

“[Getting the awards] it’s a great joy,” said Goulart. “Since the film speaks directly — albeit in a metaphorical context — about the life of Jesus, I think you cannot be more evangelistic than that. I hope the award will further encourage people to follow the example of [Jesus’] selflessness and unconditional love for others.”

Coordinator of the church’s evangelistic Easter Week program in South America Everon Donato said to be thrilled for the achievement. “The best of all is to know that the message of this film has reached many lives,” he said.

The award was presented to Executive Director Jefferson Nali, who thanked all the staff who took part in the production and the church’s support to the project. Nali said he’s planning to present the award trophy to church leaders as a token of his appreciation.

A Second Film Gets an Award

The film “Escolhas” [Choices] got the Best Fiction Film award. The movie attempts to create awareness about the importance of keeping dialogue open with those who were once part of the denomination and have since left the church.

The storyline dramatizes a common event for those who, for various reasons, abandon their faith, but then, due to to prayers and actions by people interested in their well-being, decide to return.

“O Resgate – Salvação ao Extremo” [The Rescue - Salvation to the Edge] with English subtitles