August 25, 2021

Adventist Church Appoints New University President in the Dominican Republic

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Dominican Republic appointed José David Gómez as the new president of Dominican Adventist University (UNAD), its higher education institution in Villa Sonador, Monseñor Nouel. 

Gómez was welcomed by the board of trustee members, educators, and students in a special installation program during the school’s Commencement ceremony on July 29, 2021.

Gómez, a native of the Dominican Republic, accepted the appointment as president after he had been serving as the institution’s vice president of campus planning and development. Previously, he served as executive vice president of UNAD’s Santo Domingo campus extension. Gómez replaces Angel Gúzman, who was elected in April 2021 as vice president of academic affairs for the Inter-American Adventist Theological Seminary based in Puerto Rico.

Paulino Puello, president of the Dominican Union Conference (DUC) and chair of the board of trustees, explained to those in attendance the selection process and the vote to appoint Gómez as president. “We pray that together with God’s help and your team, you can serve and benefit the community and the country well,” Puello said to Goméz.

During his 36 years of denominational service, Gómez has served in Puerto Rico as vice president of campus planning and development at Antillean Adventist University and as a chaplain, school principal, district pastor, Bible teacher, Bible worker, and literature evangelist.

Hehas two doctoral degrees in education from the Universidad de Puerto Rico, one with an emphasis in guidance and counseling and another in educational administration and supervision. He also obtained a master’s in education from the Universidad de Puerto Rico. Gómez received a bachelor’s in pastoral theology and secondary education from Antillean College (now Antillean Adventist University) in Mayaguez.

Winston Hiciano, treasurer for the DUC and board of trustee member, called on Gómez to ensure that the Adventist university continues to be a model in the community. He asked Gómez to make sure the school follows the teachings of Jesus Christ in fulfilling “the mission at hand to form excellent, innovative professionals with Christian values, firmed with the Adventist philosophy ready to serve God, country, and the world.”

Former university presidents prayed over Gómez during the inauguration of his new responsibility leading UNAD.

Established in 1946 as Colegio Adventista Dominicano and later upgraded to Dominican Adventist University, the institution offers 10 undergraduate and five graduate degrees. The university is accredited by the Adventist Accreditation Agency and the national government in the Dominican Republic.

The original version of this story was posted on the Inter-American Division news site.