February 26, 2014

​Adventist Academy Ranks 12th Among 3,225 Korean Schools

to the Korean national scholastic assessment of 2013, Daejeon Sahmyook
Middle School is now among the top 0.3 percent of the nation's schools, ranked
12th among 3,225 schools nationwide.

school’s vision is to “foster globally creative and outstanding students”
through proper Adventist education, character development, and academic growth.
Above all, Daejeon Sahmyook Middle School promotes knowledge, ethics and
physical development based on the Bible's counsel to “love your neighbor as
yourself.” The school enjoys an outstanding educational environment.

create an atmosphere of comfort and contentment where students can feel at
home, the school's classrooms and hallways are designed like a house. Students
may sit or lie down to read books and play during recess. Since 2010, schools
around the country have been promoting the motto of “schools without violence”;
However, while other schools install CCTVs and use artificial ways to prevent
school bullying and violence, Daejeon Sahmyook Middle School has focused on
educating students on the fundamental sanctity of life, building upright
character, showing love and humaneness.

Sahmyook Middle School's aim is to be the “head” and not the tail. Principal
Kim JoonSup makes it clear that “our school will do its best to teach with
passion and love; to guide our students to be active and creative through all
appropriate means. We will continue to do our work in a spirit of humility and