AdventHealth Announces Hospital CEO Leadership Changes

Appointments seek to support two institutions serving growing communities.

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<strong>AdventHealth Announces Hospital CEO Leadership Changes</strong>
Joe Johnson and Erika Skula have new leadership positions in the West Florida Division of the AdventHealth network of health-care institutions. [Photo: AdventHealth News]

As the AdventHealth West Florida Division in the United States continues to strengthen performance and expand its reach and mission, two important leadership changes will take effect May 1 to support two unique facilities serving growing communities.

Joe Johnson Named AdventHealth Carrollwood President/CEO

AdventHealth Carrollwood, located in Tampa, Florida, has been serving its surrounding community since 1961 and joined the AdventHealth system in 2010. The hospital has been nationally recognized with multiple Joint Commission certifications and a five-star quality rating from CMS, and has led the AdventHealth West Florida Division in patient safety — achieving its 15th consecutive Leapfrog Grade “A” in 2022.

Joe Johnson served as the president/CEO of AdventHealth Carrollwood until 2018, when he was asked to lead AdventHealth Ocala’s transition into AdventHealth, a significant undertaking. Johnson will return to AdventHealth Carrollwood on May 1 as president/CEO and will continue to build on the hospital’s legacy by leading strategic growth and capital projects, strengthening cardiovascular services and continuing to diversify the surgical program.

“Joe is a mission-driven, seasoned community builder with longstanding relationships with team members, providers and leaders at AdventHealth Carrollwood,” David Ottati, president and CEO of the West Florida Division, said. “His leadership set the foundation for the hospital’s transformation, and we look forward to his continued impact in the community.”

“I’m excited to return to the Tampa Bay area and embrace the opportunities for strategic growth and investment that will help us meet the growing needs of this region for years to come,” Johnson said.

Erika Skula Named AdventHealth Ocala President/CEO

While founded in 1898, AdventHealth Ocala is one of the more recent members of the AdventHealth West Florida Division, joining the organization in 2018. With two offsite emergency rooms, expanding service lines, and multiple accreditations in areas such as surgical and cardiovascular care, AdventHealth Ocala continues to enhance the health services of Marion County residents.

Erika Skula will join AdventHealth Ocala as president/CEO on May 1 and will oversee capital investments, service line expansion and quality of care while continuing to grow AdventHealth’s geographic footprint in Marion County. Additionally, Skula will have financial oversight, building on the strength of the hospital’s financial performance to ensure a positive impact on market growth and network development.

“Erika is a strong operator and a physician collaborator with proven hospital leadership experience,” Ottati said. “She will build on the great work of our team at AdventHealth Ocala to refine operations and performance.”

“I look forward to engaging with the team, further strengthening our physician network and building on the strong presence we’ve made in Ocala to fulfill our mission in the community,” Skula said.The original version of this story was posted on the AdventHealth news site.

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