A Year Later, ADRA Romania Continues Helping Survivors of Turkey Earthquake

Initiative includes food vouchers, food boxes, and clothes for vulnerable people.

ADRA Romania, Inter-European Division, and Adventist Review
A Year Later, ADRA Romania Continues Helping Survivors of Turkey Earthquake
One year after the Turkey earthquake, ADRA Romania workers continue to distribute food vouchers to survivors. [Photo: ADRA Romania]

A year ago, a seismic tragedy struck the hearts of communities in Turkey, leaving behind ruins and suffering. Despite the pain and destruction caused by the earthquake, the flame of hope was not extinguished. Amidst the chaos, people and charities came together to rebuild the lives of the victims.

Against this background, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and its partners have become messengers of hope, offering not only food and necessities for daily living but also a message of hope for those affected. Today, as the light at the end of the tunnel begins to shine, the story of resilience and solidarity continues to inspire, proving that, together, we can turn tragedy into something positive with time, effort, and continued commitment.

Between February 26 and March 1, two ADRA representatives traveled to Hatay, Turkey, for the implementation and monitoring activities of the “Hope for Turkey” and “Hope for Syria” project, together with local partners. The two regional ADRA representatives were joined by representatives of the ADRA International office, representatives from the Middle East and North Africa Union Mission of the Adventist Church, the Red Crescent NGO, and local officials.

“I saw the dusty hands of those who are still freeing the city from concrete,” Valentina Sturzu-Cozorici, ADRA Romania program director, said. “I saw the tears of a mother who had fed her children only water and sugar for days, and the hugs of the parents of children with special needs.” She added, “Although a year has passed, the situation of the survivors remains tragic, and the project’s activities greatly help vulnerable people. More than 1,000 families will have received financial assistance by the end of March, which will lead to an improvement in the standard of living and unexpected help for people vulnerable to last year’s earthquake.”

The ADRA Romania team participated, together with the local partner, in the activity of providing financial assistance by distributing voucher cards for at least 1,000 families and vulnerable people affected by the earthquake. The focus was on the elderly, large families, single mothers, and the disabled. Also, the students of the Mihai Ionescu school, in partnership with ADRA Romania, provided food for 200 families.

“Among the ruins of the buildings destroyed and the lives cut off, hope still remains!” Cristina Roșu, ADRA Romania project manager, said. “For a mother who cares for the loved ones who survived, receiving such a box of food means much more than providing a few meals. It means hope, strength, and joy. It is the assurance that they are not forgotten,” Roșu said.

The humanitarian action is only a part of ADRA’s activity in Turkey, agency leaders said. With gratitude to all involved — sponsors, partners, volunteers and beneficiaries — ADRA Romania remains determined to continue fulfilling its mission and bringing transformation to the lives of those who need help, they said.

“One year after the devastating earthquake, thousands of people are still living in temporary shelters,” Kelly Dowling, ADRA International emergency manager, said. “It was inspiring to see the resilience of people creating a reimagined future out of the rubble. Providing the basic necessities we all need to get through the day allows ADRA and its partners to offer a practical expression of hope and remind them that they are not alone.”

The original version of this story was posted on the ADRA Romania news site.

ADRA Romania, Inter-European Division, and Adventist Review