March 5, 2014

​3ABN Begins Broadcasting on Russian Cable Company Tele-Networks

Despite the difficulties that Protestant
organizations face in the formerly Communist nation of Russia, 3ABN has begun
broadcasting on the Russian cable company Tele-Networks, through the Yamal-300k
satellite. Tele-Networks covers the city of Pskov and eleven other cities in
Northern Russia. Julia Outkina, 3ABN Russia’s executive director, gives praise
and glory to God. With tears in her eyes, she wrote, "I want to thank all
those who have helped bring about this miracle of the Lord!”

Russian Satellite LaunchwebMany other cable companies that 3ABN has
contacted are looking forward to receiving sample programing. Even those who
initially said, "No," have asked to be contacted again when other
current contracts expire. 3ABN is currently working on agreements with nine
more companies, actively pursuing the largest. They are also showing church
leaders how 3ABN Russia can easily be used for evangelism in large cities. Jim
Gilley said, “The response and support we’ve received is tremendous, and it is
truly inspiring to see God’s people become involved in fulfilling the great
commission. It has helped us realize once again how serious our Lord is about
bringing His children home!”

--Reposted from ASI
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