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The Lab of New Things

Working innovatively by trial and correction.

Daryl Gungadoo

Aristotle said: “Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand!” The ARMies Media Lab works for remembering. We ponder on content creation for up-and-coming media platforms beyond such traditional forms as print, radio, and TV. We seek to harness and maximize the potential of these new platforms, while contributing to shaping them by having a voice in the technological industry.

The Media Lab finds ways of repurposing content from other ARMies platforms, and helping current creators migrate text articles, audio recordings, and video production to these new platforms.

The Media Lab is constantly looking at new types of media platforms to share and engage with our audiences. One such example is our implementation of augmented reality in our kids-focused magazine, KidsView. Using an accompanying app, the user can visualize relevant 3-D objects from the article. More on this, including the opportunity to try it for yourself once you’ve downloaded the app, is available at

Staying at the forefront of technology is a passion for us—and sometimes we forge ahead in the creation of new media technologies to better communicate with digital natives and digital innates.

Often there’s no stylebook on how to write content for virtual reality, augmented reality, gamification, etc. The lab interfaces with content creators and experts to optimize the narrative on the respective platforms. Pedagogists identify many ways of learning and communicating a message, not only through books and magazines.

One ongoing product of ours being released later this year is a VR First multiplayer game, based on the book of Daniel, that we have named Babylon-Quest. The game, in partial collaboration with the British Museum and the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, will immerse the player into the socio-political life of the Neo-Babylonian Empire around 600 B.C., its way of life, international trade, conquest, etc. Players will see Daniel’s story through the eye of an unsuspecting character.

Ever wished you could walk up to Nebuchadnezzar’s majestic statue on the plain of Dura, appreciate the sunrise from the top of the Hanging Gardens, or experience the furnace of blazing fire? This game is for you. We guarantee that your immersive encounter with beasts from Daniel 7 and 8 will be memorable, to say the least.

For more info on this game, check out .

The ARMies Media Lab is also working on cutting-edge scientific methodologies to vet the effectiveness of produced media content by putting to good use some of the latest research and development in cognitive neuroscience. This data-driven approach allows us to fine-tune the flow of the narrative, optimizing the product for the intended audience. I’m persuaded that if Adventist Review founders James and Ellen White were alive today, they would strive to use every media platform available to communicate the everlasting message of God’s unfathomable love for you and me.

Daryl Gungadoo manages ARMies’ Media Lab: he inhabits both the old world and the new world of VR, opening the Bible there so anyone who cares may experience VR in spiritually edifying ways.

Daryl Gungadoo