March 1, 2022

Print Runs

Pressing the gospel home across the world.

Ed Boyle

Forty-one years ago I was attending a Quaker church and studying with Mormon missionaries. I had been raised a Roman Catholic and become somewhat disenchanted, primarily surrounding Catholic theology as it relates

to Scripture. I remem- ber praying a simple prayer: “God, I want to know You. I’m searching. If there are many paths up the mountain to the same summit, then I’m OK. If not, You are going to have to show me the way.”

Within a few weeks of my praying that prayer a Brazilian woman knocked on my front door and invited me to a Friday evening Bible study. She turned out be Seventh-day Adventist, following up on an interest card I’d filled out to win a set of Bible Story books for our infant sons.

During the next year, and many Bible studies later, I decided to get baptized. I spent the next 35 years employed in commercial sheetfed and web printing with a focus on magazine and catalog manufacturing. I spent the first 10 years in finance, learning the business from the ground up. Because of the steady decline of print, I eventually moved from finance to sales.

Five years or so after my baptism, my wife and I were taking a Sabbath after- noon walk at a local park. We bumped into friends from church who were walk- ing with Bill and Debby Knott. Apparently, Bill had participated in the wedding ceremony for our friends years before in a small church in New England. Bill was interested to hear about my involvement in the printing industry.

Many years later Bill needed some consulting help with one of the international magazines published by ARMies. He remembered meeting me at the park many years earlier and reached out. The rest is history.

Here’s what I know about ARMies. When I became an Adventist, I had no idea how to keep Sabbath. Because of my Catholic background I was also con- fused about the state of the dead. I was given a subscription to Adventist Review. Over time, reading my regular copy of Adventist Review literally changed my life. I came to better understand the theology of the Sabbath and its relation- ship to Creation and to the Creator Himself. The big one for me was the state of the dead—what a revelation! I had grown up praying to saints and deceased family for intercession with the Creator. How refreshing and wonderful not only to have access to the Scriptures, but also to have a deep and correct understanding of biblical theology!

I work with the entire staff of Adventist Review Ministries and manage the printing contracts with companies in Cape Town, South Africa; Mexico City, Mexico; and the Pacific Press Publishing Association in Nampa, Idaho. Once stories are converted to digital formats they often are then prepared to print. The monthly schedules are demanding, and the supply chain interruptions are very challenging. I enjoy working to manage the purchase and delivery of paper and printer relationships. Once printed, our magazines distribute globally by ocean and air, and in local postal networks.

Ed Boyle manages the Adventist Review Ministries transcontinental printing world.