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Poor Stewardship, Disastrous Results

In the United States alone, billions of dollars are spent recovering from natural disasters.

Adventist Review Editors
Poor Stewardship, Disastrous Results

Horrific natural disasters in the United States in 2017 incurred comparably horrific amounts of expense. While some Christians and others dispute any relationship between human behavior and earth’s haywire meteorology, careful Bible reading points to increasingly grave catastrophes and casts blame: the God who made us His stewards promises to return soon to gather His earth-caring faithful to Himself, and destroy “those who destroy the earth” (Rev. 11:18). The following statistics paint a picture of the dollar amount attached to the weather phenomena that caused disaster across the nation.

Southern tornado outbreak$1.1 billionJanuary
Southeast severe weather$2.1 billionMarch
Southeast freeze$2.1 billionMarch
Central tornado outbreak$1.8 billionMarch
Midwest tornado outbreak$2.1 billionMarch
California flooding$1.5 billionMarch
Missouri and Arkansas flooding$1.7 billionApril
Central severe weather$2.2 billionMay
Upper Midwest severe weather$2.5 billionJune
North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana drought$2.5 billionSpring-Fall
Western wildfires$2.5 billionSummer-Fall
Hurricane Harvey$198 billionAugust
Hurricane Irma$65 billionSeptember
Hurricane Maria$102 billionSeptember
Northern California wildfires$9.4 billionOctober
Adventist Review Editors