My Dream

What is our purpose in life?

Jill Morikone
My Dream

We stepped into the little country church on Sabbath morning, and a tall teenage girl greeted us. Her eyes sparkled warmly; her smile genuine. I discovered she was a senior in high school, and already sat on this church’s board, the pastor encouraging her to become a youth pastor someday. Besides the friendliness, she had a groundedness, a sense of purpose rarely seen in someone so young. After graduation she was taking a gap year to hike the Appalachian Trail. I thought of the practical skills she would glean, the self-reliance and resiliency obtained. She was well on her way to launching on this free-for-all of life.

Later I strolled the Riverwalk with one of my nephews. At 15, he’s intuitive, disciplined, and driven, with keen people skills. He’s responsible, with a special gift with relationships, and the ability to affirm others for a job well done. I asked about his goals, and he responded instantly: “I want to be a surgeon.” He talked of the work ahead of him, the long years of school, and how it could be overwhelming. How does one keep the end goal in sight while living in the moment, not allowing the drive to overshadow the joy?

Young people are precious, with a wide-eyed view of life, untainted by people, life’s mistakes, or even self-doubt. It leads me to ask myself this question: What is life, really? Do we chase an elusive dream, only to watch it pop like bubbles right in front of us? Do we struggle to hold on to those dreams, only to discover that the sacrifice wasn’t worth the reality? Do we cling to hope, or learn to live without?

What are dreams, really? What is our purpose in life? What are your dreams?

My dream is:

* To live with purpose, knowing who I am and whose I am.

* To experience an evolving walk with Jesus, where I discover fresh revelations of who He is and what I mean to Him.

* To realize my identity so no words spoken, no outside influence, can impact my purpose and direction.

* To live with joy in the midst of the purpose: to not allow the end goal to eclipse the moment.

* To love others as God does, whether family, friends, coworkers, strangers, or even those who are hard to love.

* To listen to other’s hearts, to discern what really matters to them, as opposed to merely hearing the words they speak.

* To lift up and encourage others, whether through my words, actions, or prayers.

* To live the gospel, and to share this Jesus I’ve discovered, along with the beautiful truth in His Word, as far as I can, as fast as I can, for as long as I can.

My dreams are not necessarily fulfilled through my profession, church, or friend circle. Perhaps their center and circumference are to be in Jesus.

For without Him, there is no dream.

Jill Morikone

Jill Morikone is vice president and chief operations officer for Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN), a supporting Adventist television net-work. She and her husband, Greg, live in southern Illinois and enjoy ministering together for Jesus.