April 12, 2022

Military Guard

We saw. Did you? What did you see?

David Ross

We stood upon the stones of Calvary,
Swords down and shields laid low,
Remembering the crowds that gathered there:
To shout their hate—for one meek man.

We saw His back scourged wild, flailed up to shreds—
The treatment prisoners share.
We saw Him stumble, fall and rise again
To bear the cross He had to bear.

We held our guard, unmoved, around the plot
While they prepared the cross
As nails and pain pierced through His mortal flesh;
And as He cried, the tumult jeered.

We watched Him suffer on that rough-hewn cross
Beneath the scorching sun.
We heard Him cry, and then we saw Him die
As evening fell and dark drew on.

We heard the thunder rage across the sky—
The Father hid His face—
Men, women, cringed and fled in frightened fear
While we sustained our guard.

“He truly is the Son of God,” one said—
Our leader, struck with awe—
And we, the complement of his armed guard,
We saw; and we believed.

David Ross [[email protected]] serves as elder of the Belleville Seventh-day Adventist Church, Belleville, Ontario, Canada.