April 1, 2021

​Sharing God One Day at a Time

Who knew helping mom would make such an impact?

Henry Stober

It all began with a phone call. “Would you like to send a Bible text to your friends every day?” was my question.

“Yes, I would like that very much” was my mother’s reply.

My mother lives alone in the south of Germany. I live in Sweden. She owns a cell phone and keeps in regular contact with a fair number of people. At the time of our conversation, her age, 84, didn’t keep her from gladly sharing the Word of God with her friends. Knowing she used a communications application, I realized it would be the perfect venue for sending Bible verses to her friends on a regular basis.  

Each day I sent her a Bible verse. Soon I realized others might also like to receive and share these texts. A small seed was planted. I had no idea how much it would grow.

At first about 15 people received a daily text. The group soon grew, and so did the requests. I then started a broadcast group to reach more people. It wasn’t long before the request came to send these texts not only in German but also in English. Why not?

The multilingual option added more personal contacts, eventually expanding the daily broadcasts beyond Sweden. They now go all over Europe, to Australia, the United States, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.


Over the years, through my photography work, I have accumulated an extensive image archive on the theme of creation. The image does not always need to come from nature, although nature images often seem the most powerful. I also use images purchased from online image sites. Free photography sites are also available.

Two years have passed, and more than 800 messages have been sent. This wonderful ministry will continue with God’s help. My mom, now 86, is still witnessing daily to her contacts. Perhaps you too would like to consider this ministry. There are challenges. It should be a daily activity, and it involves persistence and preparation. With God’s help, you can begin, and watch your ministry grow.

Henry Stober is a Seventh-day Adventist filmmaker who lives in Sweden.

How It Is Done

  1. Ask God to lead you to the scripture most appropriate for each day. Using a Bible app, search the Bible daily for texts suitable for future mailings.
  2. You can prepare texts several days in advance if a chapter or story appeals to you.
  3. Psalms and Proverbs are fantastic sources. Sometimes even though a text has been used before, it can take on new meaning with a different image.
  4. It is easiest to store your photo collection on your cell phone. There you can find an appropriate image for the selected text.
  5. Working on a phone application instead of a computer works best. It allows for a consistency in the size of the text and the photograph. The cell phone display is ideal for seeing how it will look.
  6. Then export it as a screenshot to your send folder and then on to your recipients.