June 1, 2020

​20 Questions

Adventist trivia that’s not.

Adventist Review Editors

You know the 28 fundamental beliefs, Adventist history, the names of the General Conference president, secretary, and treasurer. But how well do you know the culture that makes us truly Adventist? Take this quiz (no using Google) and check your answers with those at the bottom of the page to see how you compare with others in your congregation.—Editors.

  1. First Adventist media ministry (radio or TV)
  2. General Conference presidents born outside North America
  3. First speaker of the It Is Written television ministry
  4. Editor of both Our Little Friend and Signs of the Times (at separate times)
  5. First General Conference president
  6. Only father and son to serve as presidents of the
  7. General Conference
  8. Site of the first Adventist college in the United States
  9. west of the Rockies
  10. First speaker of the Breath of Life television ministry
  11. Instrumental in founding the first Adventist school of nursing
  12. First African American president of the North American Division
  13. First African American to serve on the staff of Adventist Review
  14. Where Ellen White received her first vision about the great controversy
  15. Where the Seventh-day Adventist Church was first chartered
  16. First (and only) woman to serve as treasurer of the Seventh-day Adventist Church
  17. First Adventist to serve as chaplain of the United States Senate
  18. Where the first Hispanic Adventists were baptized
  19. First Adventist school to offer higher education to African Americans
  20. First speaker of La Voz de la Esperanza radio ministry
  21. Missionary and author of best-selling children’s books
  22. Where James and Ellen White were married


(Some questions have more than one answer.)

  1. Milton Peverini
  2. Katherine “Kate” Lindsay
  3. Healdsburg, California
  4. Roy Adams
  5. Sanchez, Arizona
  6. John Byington
  7. Lawrence Maxwell
  8. Jan Paulsen
  9. Eric B. Hare
  10. Charles E. Bradford
  11. Neal C. and Ted N. C. Wilson
  12. Battle Creek, Michigan
  13. Voice of Prophecy
  14. Portland, Maine
  15. Charles D. Brooks
  16. Ole Olsen
  17. Ted N. C. Wilson
  18. Minerva Jane Chapman
  19. Barry C. Black
  20. H.M.S. Richards
  21. Oakwood Industrial School
  22. Lovett’s Grove, Ohio
  23. George Vandeman
  24. Healdsburg College
  25. Charles H. Watson
  26. Carlos Medley