September 3, 2022


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He Needs All of Us

It has often been mentioned that God doesn’t need us to get things done. But I see it differently, and Ellen White often indicated He does need us. When we are willing, we witness for Him, and after reading through the 2022 GC Session Supplement issue, the edition points that out. I recently viewed a YouTube presentation about which Christian denomination today does or does not believe in evolution. The presenter went through several denominations. Regarding Adventists, he said that we do not accept evolution and added this comment: “Seventh-day Adventists are the most racially diversified church in the world. White, 37 percent; Black, 32 percent; Asian, 8 percent; Latino, 15 percent; mix and others, 8 percent, consisting of 21.3 million members.” Praise God He uses all of us. My compliments to all the hands involved in preparing the “Jesus Is Coming: Get Involved” special issue. 

Robert Rouillard 

Lakewood, Washington 

Valuing the Gift

I was getting acquainted with new students at the Walla Walla University School of Nursing. As Allison and I chatted, I discovered that she was not an Adventist and had no Seventh-day Adventist ties, that her father was a theology professor at another church’s university, and that her brother was attending Loma Linda University’s School of Medicine. I said, “That’s strange that you and your brother, with no Adventist ties, would end up in Adventist schools at the same time.” I will never forget Allison’s reply: “That’s not strange at all, Mr. McClay. You folks happen to have the best Protestant private school system in the world.” Sometimes we, who are inside the system, do not value the gift we have been given. 

Bruce McClay, M.A., M.L.S. 

Battle Ground, Washington 

A Blessed Movement

“I was thrilled to receive Adventist Review and the 2022 GC Session Supplement for St. Louis when thousands of Adventists and leaders congregated for reports and elections for the quinquennium. I was touched by the story Bill Knott told about the comments his mother made as she contemplated the 50,000 believers in Toronto in 2000. “I wish my mother could have seen this,” she said. “She never knew how big her church was.” This made me think of a young man I met in Ireland who told me how inspiring it was when he went to the first and only World Youth Congress in Zurich in 1969, when 12,000 young people were there. Coming from a small country, he felt blessed to see so many young people who loved the Lord. I’ve been to many sessions and left inspired by the growth of our church. We have more than 22 million members and still a lot of work to be done until Jesus comes. I also wish that my mother could have seen how the Lord has blessed this movement!” 

Leo Ranzolin, Sr. 

Estero, Florida 

Mothers Are Very Special

Thank you, thank you, for the article by Jared Thurmon. For some time I have been frustrated that the Review seemed to promote women in roles other than the one God has established for them. In this article you get it right. The highest goal for any person is helping others connect with Jesus. God has, in a very special way, given that privilege to mothers. Thank you for affirming that in this article. 

Pastor J. Fred Calkins 

Our Roots as Peacemakers

Thank you for printing Douglas Morgan’s carefully researched article that traces the Adventist roots of noncombatancy and peacemaking to the very founders of the Advent movement. That our founders were unafraid to take a moral stance against a social ill—slavery—makes me proud to belong to such a sturdy spiritual lineage. Morgan’s article has reminded us that the sixth commandment still calls us to find avenues that affirm life, rather than take it away—for any reason. Not to do so is a violation of our claim to be the remnant who keep all the commandments and follow Jesus’ mandate to love, not kill, our enemies. 

Lourdes E. MoralesGudmundsson, Ph.D. Riverside, California 

Adventists and Sports

I really appreciate the Review tackling relevant topics as it did with Adventists and sports in the May issue. As a mother of boys and one who lives in an Adventist academy setting, healthy mindsets about sports and balanced handling of participation are issues that I ponder on a regular basis. I appreciate the insights offered in the May issue. If I could have asked for deeper probing in this line of discussion, it would be how to help kids/teens understand, navigate, and accept the lower achievement level that sports will be able to be played at for most Adventist young people. And in light of that, how to set up school sports programs to reflect Adventist values while placing our kids in positions where they can still feel proud of their participation. There are many spiritual, practical, and administrative ramifications for these topics for Adventist parents and teachers. 

Jaclyn Knight 

New Market, Virginia 

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