January 28, 2023


A Path to Trusting God | The Junk Collector | Turning the World Right Side Up | From a Longtime Reader | Wrestling With Prayer


A Path to Trusting God

After reading through “A Path to Trusting God,” by Enno Müller (December 2022), I was reminded of one memorable hiking experience by myself when God made His presence known to me in such a remarkable way never to be forgotten. 

After reaching the summit of the Spray Park trail, Mount Rainier, I went off the trail and found myself walking on a shale rocky landscape toward my destination. 

As I was photographing my adventure, I was caught in a not-so-surprising weather change, and a heavy fog rolled in.

After 20 minutes or so, the dense fog allowed only 12-inch visibility, and it seemed it would last forever.

Not dressed for any overnight stay in late August, I asked God for His immediate assistance as I waited for the fog to lift. The fog remained, and so I attempted to get out of a serious situation. I prayed for His help to get me out safely, and, walking toward where I thought the trail began, I found myself struggling in waist-high bushes. Visibility was nil. 

As I struggled through the bushes, constantly pleading for His help, I immediately found myself standing at the beginning of the trail that I was looking to reach. 

That’s not possible! I thought. Instant transportation! 

And then I thought, Yes, it’s very possible. He can always be relied upon in a time of need. Needless to say, my trek down to Mowich Lake became a journey of praise in words and song. 

The lesson learned is that taking chances is not advisable. He may not always answer the way you expect. Be prepared. Have a partner when trekking, and stay safe with the Lord. He is always there. 

Robert Rouillard 

Lakewood, Washington 

The Junk Collector

I have read many, many excellent articles in the Adventist Review. “The Junk Collector” (October 2022) is one of the best. The insightful message of living and loving like Jesus is made clear. God created a beautiful world. The evil of Satan brought in the junk. I am thankful that God valued and redeemed us to be His treasures in heaven. 

Natalie Dodd 

Centerfield, Ohio 

Turning the World Right Side Up

I seem to recall the Review used to have short, relevant, thought-provoking thoughts from pastors and speakers. I haven’t seen that feature lately, so maybe it disappeared. Pastor Andy Wittenberg was preaching on “That Night in Bethlehem,” and he shared a thought that caught my attention and got me thinking. 

December 17: Orchards Seventh-day Adventist Church, Vancouver, Washington. Pastor Andy Wittenberg on that special night in Bethlehem: “Some people say it turned the world upside down. I take exception to that. I think it turned the world right side up.” 

I never would have thought we’d still be on this earth in 2023, but we are one more Christmas closer to heading home for that glorious celebration around the tree of life. See you then. 

Bruce McClay 

Battle Ground, Washington 

From a Longtime Reader

It is now my privilege in my lifetime to read from a fifth senior editor of the Adventist Review. I started to read the Review around age 11. My prayer is with Justin Kim and Bill Knott on their new assignments. It has been a thrill, inspiration, and strengthening of my faith in the coming of my Savior. 

William Zelenak 

Greensboro, North Carolina 

“O Come Let Us Adore Him”

Something to think about, and a true reminder of where we are in history! 

Dorothy McKinney 

“There Goes an Adventist Statesman”

I salute and give due respect to Dr. Beach! 

Ken Suanzuang 

Wrestling With Prayer

I know when we give God the credit for answered prayer it opens the way for more. But yes, I too struggle with not understanding why some and not others! Praise God another world is promised. 

Barb Randall 

Such an honest article on an area many of us wrestle with. 

Sarah Elizabeth Adams 

A Ministry to the Homeless Born Out of an Execution

We love how this ministry has grown! 

Southern Tidings Magazine 

Health Ambassadors Ready to Roll Out Anti-Diabetes Campaign

Proud of you! Blessings on your work. 

Heidi Abramovich 

Leaders Celebrate Filiberto Verduzco’s Decades of Service

Amen and Hallelujah! May Jesus Christ bless us all. 

Yustina Desember Sagala 

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