December 4, 2022


Who Cares | Inspiring Issue | God Has Called You to Be the Bible to Non-Christians | Indianapolis Will Host 2030 General Conference Session


Who Cares

Reading through the October issue brought to mind my caregiving experience working for the elderly in many nursing health-care facilities. The time came for me to take care of Mom for four years in my home. She lived in Maine, and the transition was a little difficult for her to adjust to. Her religious preference was different than mine, but she still came to church with me weekly and attended many Bible studies. During my last time with her after a stroke that left her speech slurred, I greeted her and the first thing she said to me: “Guess what? I joined the church last night.” Undoubtedly a dream or vision; she never did say. I had her call her sister in Maine now that she could speak clearer words, and the first words she spoke to her sister were “Guess what? I joined the church last night.” Mom died the following day on Sabbath. I thank God for the reassurance that Mom would be with Him one day and allowing me to care for her physical and spiritual needs. 

Robert Rouillard 

Lakewood, Washington 

Inspiring Issue

Thank you for the most outstanding and inspiring issue of the November Adventist Review about the wonders of the universe from some of our Christian scholars. Amazing to know that to the naked eye several thousand stars are visible and that there are around 200 billion trillion stars in the universe. Even though we have the most powerful telescopes the human mind is not capable to understand the vastness, immense wonders of God’s creation. My wife and I have just finished reading again the book Home at Last by Walton Brown about the visions of E.G. White and what will be open for the redeemed as they are flown into heaven. She says that “we learned that there were millions of inhabited worlds, and that our own planet was but an atom in the universe.” Thanks, again, for giving us a glimpse of what the redeemed is going to explore when we get to heaven and meet with our Creator! 

Leo Ranzolin

Sr. Estero, Florida 

God Has Called You to Be the Bible to Non-Christians

Well done! I wish this to everyone who believes in Christ and wants to be there for others in helping them in their faith and salvation! 

Elena Georgieva Vasileva 

Indianapolis Will Host 2030 General Conference Session

I wonder if this [the General Conference Session] can be done through Webex? There are probably many other ways to invest the cost of the event to share the gospel with the world. 

Eulises Canada 

Planning to attend. God willing, I am still alive, or maybe the next GC will be in heaven. 

Arlie Medenilla Geniza 

Southern Adventist University Holds Inaugural Community Event

This is awesome! Great idea! Hats off to the planning team who thought of and put this together and those who executed what sounds like a great event for reaching leaders, politicians, officials, and businesspeople in the community while getting them involved and raising awareness of all the university has to offer. 

Nathaniel Oregon 

Let’s Embrace God’s Mission of Restoration, Church President Says

Very needful! May the Lord fill His vessels to do needful work. 

Adegbite Mofoluwaso 

Local Church in the U.S. Receives a $1 Million Gift

What a blessing and example of allowing God to lead. Praying for God’s continued blessings on both congregations. 

Patricia Andrews-Pierre 

Is It Possible to Live With No Fear of Death?

We watched the events associated with Queen Elizabeth’s passing and were impressed by her trust in the resurrection and meeting her loved ones again. She did not exhibit fear, but trust! 

Dorothy McKinney 

Adventists Seek to Assist Puerto Rico After Hurricane Fiona

Prophecy is fast coming to pass. Our King is coming sooner than we anticipated. 

Akwasi Danso 

Leaders Train Young People to Become Digital Evangelists

Wish it could be held thru Zoom so that many from other countries can join in to glorify God. 

Le Thi Anh Tuyet 

What a Waste!

Some good ideas of how to share tracts. If put into things people receive (stuck into something), it will probably go to waste. But if it’s set out in public, a person has to make a decision to pick it up to read, and then it is more likely to be kept. Just my experience. 

Richard Ramey 

God’s Unfailing Promises in My Life

What a wonderful testimony, and very inspiring. Makes me think about the ones who did not have the opportunity to go to church in childhood. Yet we are still afraid to go out and tell the world the amazing love that comes from God. 

Diana Polo 

Wonderful testimony. God kept His hand on him. 

Barb Davis Guenterberg 

Micropantry Extends Work of Feeding the Hungry

In Waxahachie, Texas, we call ours the “Blessing Box” and have also added literature. 

Nancy Martin

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